Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2 Phrases today and a new recipe...

First I need to apologize for not posting yesterday but my laptop did not seem to want to connect to anything. I think it was just being so stubborn for for being so cold. Wendell got the electric bill and lets just say it was a little high. He then proceeded to turn down the thermostat on all the baseboard heaters. Needless to say it got a little cold in here. If it were not for the little space heater under my desk, I would be bundled up in a quilt watching the news now. :)
I am doing pretty good so far with my new recipe a week goal. Last night I did beef stir-fry. I 'lifted' the recipe from a cookbook the other day. I did not want to buy the cookbook for just the one recipe so I sat down and wrote it out on an index card. It was really good and the only thing I would of changed was the noodles. Next time I will make rice to go with it. You can find the recipe over at my Cooking At Goat Creek blog.
Since I was not able to post yesterday we will have two phrases today.

Ho bisogno di un riposino.
oh bee-zohn-yo dee oon ree-poe-see-no
'I need a nap'.
Il difficile sta nel cominciare.
eel deef-fee-cheelay stah nay-l co-meen-chah-ray
'The first step is the hardest.'
I wanted to share that I watched two movies this week so far. Sunday night I watched 'Julie and Julia'. I had heard it was really good and was not disappointed. It almost inspired me to go pick up Julia's guide for french cooking. Who knows... maybe someday I will give it a try.
The other movie was 'No Reservations' and I liked it too. It was not exactly what I was expecting but still a good movie. Of course both movies are considered chick flicks so it was just Sasha and I watching.... Well, maybe just me watching and Sasha enjoying the cuddle time with 'mommy'. *laughing*
Today is the end of the 'twelve days of Christmas' so I hope to get all my Christmas decorations down except for my little prim tree. I am still trying to decide how to decorate it for January. I was thinking about salt ornies in the shapes of snowmen and some hearts.... then I can just remove the snowmen and add more heart shaped ornies for Valentines day.
Take care and try to stay warm. We are suppose to be under a winter storm watch this evening and into tomorrow. The weatherman says we are suppose to get 2 to 4 inches of snow but I will only believe it once I see it! Either way its suppose to be cold. I do not think the temperatures are suppose to get higher than the low 20's and we are to hit zero and below in the evenings. I think I need to go find some long underwear!
Have a great day! *hugs*


  1. Wow Debbie, I need a nap takes a long time to say in Italian! I haven't been doing much cooking lately as I can't stand long enough, I am getting SO bored, all this FREE time on my hands but yet I can't do anything, very frustrating!!!! Hope you enjoy your day and stay may have to keep Sasha close;)

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Yep - we go through dialing down the thermostat everytime time an electric bill comes! It's crazy how much those bills run!

    I'm really enjoying my Italian lessons ~ I think I'll be able to use the first sentence later today. I did not sleep well last night!

    I saw Julie & Julia and loved it! Wasn't Meryl Streep great as Julia!? Also great - the recipe you shared! I can't wait to try it.

  3. You mean I have to take everything down?? But it feels like I just got it up! It might be spring before its all gone here! I am going to check out that recipe!

  4. o it cold here bbbrrrr! That recipe looks so good!

    stay warm