Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas from our house to yours...

The day started a little rough as someone a.k.a. Scrooge was giving me all kinds of grief but I did manage to get the presents under the tree in hopes that Jaygen soon would be there.He was a lot of fun this year, compared to last year. He definitely knew what to do with the presents. Of course I was playing 'Santa' and did not get any good pictures of his face as he was opening them, but Paw Paw did get a few cute 'butt shots'.I wish you could of seen the expression on his face. The boy loves tractors and Paw Paw had picked out three farm sets for him. (I personally think Paw Paw wanted them too to play with)After opening one gift it was hard to get him to open another, especially when he figured out his tractor's wheels moved.I did manage to get him to help deliver packages to his mommy and daddy.And he loved helping Sasha open her gift! Nothing like a new squeak toy!It was so nice having most of the family together. I had hoped my dad would of came over but he had other plans. Hopefully we will get to see him this weekend sometime.This is my oldest son, Jared, with his girlfriend Danielle and the 'monkey'. I have the hardest times trying to get a family picture of them. Jaygen can't sit still. His is my youngest son, Lucas. He reminds me so much of my mom when it comes to taking pictures. He makes it difficult but in the end, they are pretty good ones and almost worth the trouble. :) (btw... he is single and I am hoping one day he will surprise me with a girlfriend! )Me and my guys! (don't you love the pink monkey?)Maw maw and Scrooge. He was grumpy for the past two days. A lot of it was due to lack of sleep I am sure. The holidays are such a stress to him... I think it was safe to say that Sasha was especially happy when everyone went home. She grabbed her new toy and tried to catch a little nap. Jaygen wears her out. *laughing*


Today I plan on sitting back and relaxing. Would like to try and do a little after-Christmas shopping but think I will wait a few days. For now I will just curl up with a nice warm blanket and listen to the wind howl like it has for the past two days now. At least it isn't rain. The view from my front door reminds me of spring. The Diversion Channel has flooded again and I am betting the local farmer is happy he finished harvesting last week.

Take care and try to stay warm,
Happy Holidays!



  1. Looks like Sasha had a busy and fun day and got a fun new toy too:) Your family is lovely, hope I get to be a grammy someday!!!!!

  2. Great pics sis...tell Scrooge to knock it off or I will have to come down there and set him straight!!

  3. I am sorry actually got me smiling....with the photo of Wendall...that is funny...I think that is how my face was on Christmas Love the photos. xxxRobby