Sunday, December 6, 2009

How's Your Weekend Going?

I have a few minutes before church so I thought I would share the one thing I have managed to get accomplished. Spongebob Squarepants! I think he turned out pretty good. I was so aggravated at my DH when the day started out. There was so much to do and he was no help. By the time I finished the cake it was almost 7 pm! Little Michael's party is today and his grandma seem to think he was going to love it. I hope so.


My list of 'to do's' hasn't changed much. I tried to finish up my Power Point project for class on Monday but I couldn't connect to the website I needed to get clip art for it. Luckily I have about an hour and a half between my internship job and class so I can go in early and try to finish it before class starts.

Today I have to finish writing my psychology paper and I am hoping to go pick up our tree and ornaments from storage after church. At least they will be here then. As far as the rest of the list... I figure I will do what I can and the rest will just have to wait. I WILL NOT stress over it! *laughing*


Most will remember that I went to Jaygen's birthday party a few weeks ago. While there his daddy wanted to show me his new babies. He and his girlfriend have a small rabbitry that consist of about sixty + bunnies. These are the two newest members. They are french lops. The male is suppose to have a pedigree with 35, first place wins in his line.
This is the female. She just sat there and did not want to be bothered.
Here is the male. He is a pretty good size and was so sweet. Sorry the pictures are not so hot but it was dark outside and the party was getting ready to start. Next time I go down to visit I will try to get out there in the daylight.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Mine started out a little rough, with a little crying and whining going on, but I think I am better now.
Take care and stay warm!


  1. Debbie~ sure hope your stress level goes down soon:) Those bunnies are adorable! I used to have a 12 lb. red satin and he was gorgeous, I sure do miss him, he was the friendliest one I ever had! Love the cake, he looks YUMMY:)

  2. You've been so busy! That cake looks so cute~I'm sure the little boy will love it! Hope you get some rest, LOL!

  3. what a great cake Noah loved Spongebob when he was younger I miss that!

    I hope your stress gets better {{Hugs}}!

    Love the bunnies :D


  4. That cake turned out wonderful!!! My stepson LOVES spongebob and square pants so I know he would love that cake too. Hope the rest of your week gets easier! :-)

  5. I love spongebob! Wow thats a big rabbit....and they look so soft and cuddly! My weekend consisted of hockey...and more hockey!And now Im away for work.....hopefully the last *away* trip this year!

  6. Your cake turned out great! I'm sure it was enjoyed by all.
    My weekend was CRAZY and I thught once I got through it things would settle a little....I was wrong. The craziness continues!