Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Birthday Celebration...

This weekend we celebrated our grandson's 2nd birthday which was actually on Wednesday, the eighteen. I cannot believe Jaygen is only two. It seems like he has always been here and a part of our lives. The theme for this years party was Mickey Mouse and I was asked to make his cake. I think they figured out it was silly to pay for a cake when 'Maw Maw' Kiefer would happily make if for nothing.

Jaygen was joined by seven of his cousins and he was not too thrilled when we all sang 'Happy birthday'. The look on his face says it all.

After the signing was out of the way we had to take pictures and of course we had to don the mouse ears! Then Jaygen decided that Maw Maw needed to try his cake. I tried not to think of where that finger had been previously! *laughing*

Here is Jaygen with his mama (Danielle) and daddy (Jared). You can see he is more interested in eating the cake.

That poor cake resembled Swiss cheese with all its holes by the time he was finished with it.

Finally after we were done eating cake it was time to open presents. Jaygen was being so patient through it all. Don't you just love the expression on his face?

He had been eyeing this one all evening as Grandma Schumer didn't have it wrapped. He LOVES tractors.

It was definitely his favorite gift as he played with it for the rest of the night. I wonder if this is a sign that he is going to be a farmer???


Yesterday I celebrated my '39th' birthday. Was a quiet celebration, just me and my sweetie. Under protest he took me to see 'New Moon' which I loved by the way. It seemed to really follow the book. Wendell whined that it was too long and he didn't see what all the fuss was about. Makes me wish I had a girlfriend to go to these things with.


Today I will be picking up what groceries I need for our Thanksgiving dinner. As far as I know it will just be Wendell and I. Neither of the boys have let us know if they will be coming or not. Jared will more than likely have to spend a lot of time with Dani's family and Lucas will probably be spending it with his Dad. My Dad is still undecided only because the 'step-monster' (God forgive me) is leaving him dangling on what her plans are for the day. I try to like the woman but she makes it hard with how she treats my Dad.

After shopping I hope to come home and work on a few Christmas gifts, then tomorrow will be spent making pies and doing other food preparation for the big meal on Thursday. I guess I should make time to clean off the dreaded dining room 'catch all' a.k.a. the dining room table so we can at least sit down.

Take care and I hope you enjoy your Tuesday!



I had mentioned earlier that I wanted to do a separate recipe/cooking blog. I am playing around with different ways to do it. I want to share my own recipes but I would also like to spotlight recipes by others. Do you think it is okay to share their recipes as long as I give them the credit they deserve? What are your thoughts?


  1. cute pic from his birthday! Have fun cooking a great Thanksgiving! I just checked my email and I did not see one from you I am sorry my email is so clogged with crap I might have missed it could you send it again please.


    Have a great day!

  2. LOL, the look is priceless and the cake is too cute! Happy Birthday to you too dear Debbie, I turned 39 4 yrs ago, but I still "pretend "I'm still 39;)I think spotlighting other's recipes would be great, just let them know you are doing it and can't wait to check it out!

  3. Love the look on his face...too cute!!
    Happy Birthday to you!!


  4. Awh he's so cute!
    Happy Birthday, Debbie :)

    Wishin you and your family a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Have a beautiful day!

  5. Love all the birthday photos and my goodness what an expressive face that little guy has!! You look good with mouse ears by the way!

    I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving dinner and I hope you and Wendall enjoyed every bite of it!

    I'm not into the Twilight books myself, but my 25 year old daughter is...too bad you don't live near-by 'cause she'd go see the movie with you....weekly!

    Happy "39th" Birthday!