Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our Family Reunion... a little late...

Usually we don't hear much from outside because this old house is pretty well insulated but last night I woke to thunder, lightening and heavy rain. I tried to go back to sleep but got up after an hour and started 'farming'. I have been meaning to share pictures from our family reunion for a few months ago and decided today was the day.

We had lots of food but unfortunately the hostess (me) forgot to take any pictures of it. I spent at least two days cooking and the only picture I got was of my niece who helped with the deviled eggs. Brenna is a fantastic little helper. I wish I had her around to help me more. I threatened to keep her. She would pass for my daughter. Our baby pictures look a lot alike...

It sprinkled off and on most of the afternoon but thanks to a big front porch we all managed to stay dry. I could not tell you when the last time was that we all got together like this.

My dad and Wendell took over the rocking chairs. The hummingbirds provided a lot of entertainment too. You would think with everyone on the porch and the kids all running around the yard and in the pool they would of scattered but they were constant visitors to their feeders.

The little yorkie is my Aunt Ginny's.... she works and my dad will 'babysit' Itsy a few days a week. Itsy loves my dad to say the least. Whenever he is around, you can bet she's in his arms. That can make it hard to eat sometimes, right dad?

You can almost hear her thoughts..... please drop some of that....

Now for the family pictures....This is my Aunt Ginny, Dad and Aunt Patty.

This is Dad's family: Danielle, Jared with Jaygen on his shoulders, Dad, Brenna, Michael (my baby brother), me, Wendell and my youngest son, Lucas.

My brother Michael with Brenna. It had been 9 years since Michael had been home. Last time he was here was when his wife and they told us they were expecting Brenna. Now he and his wife, Jen, have a new son but they were unable to make the trip.

Uncle Wendell took some abuse from the kids. Silly man let them trick him into coming over to the pool when they drenched him! So much for 'respecting his authority' .

This picture includes my cousins, Angie and Lisa, Gabby (my cousin Matt's step-daughter), Uncle Conan and Aunt Ginny.

This picture is of my cousin Jennifer, Aunt Pat (holding Anthony)and Mike. (Jennifer's hubby).

This is the cousins! Jennifer, Angie, Michael, Lisa and me! We are a few short as my brother Bobby couldn't make it and neither could our cousins Becky and Matthew. Hopefully next time!

These two handsome guys are my sons Jared and Lucas.

And finally... Jared's family. Danielle, Jaygen a.k.a. 'Monkey' and Jared. Don't they make a cute little family.

It was a fun day and it reminded me of how much I love all my family. I think we all would of agreed that Grandma Dickson was smiling down on us from heaven that day. I remember how close we all were growing up. I miss those days..... I think Grandma would of been proud.

Take Care,



  1. I love family reunions! Yours looked like so much fun. And yes, I can tell how much that dog adores your father - very cute photos!

  2. I'm so glad it was raining...what fun to see your family photos. Looks like it was a great reunion.

    You have a lovely family Debbie!

    Jaygen is such a cute boy!!!

  3. Great looking family! Hope things are better!


  4. What a wonderful family. That was so good that you all could get together! Looks like your husband was a great sport, too.


  5. Great photos - looks like a lot of fun was had.

    I wish our family was like yours, I'd love to see people I haven't seen for ages.


  6. It looks like everyone was having a great time! Cooler weather is here in Rhode Island. Love the pasta dish! I have been in a pasta mood lately! I will give it a try!

  7. I love family get togethers, anytime:)