Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Surprise... Surprise...

Yup.... its me! I can hardly believe its been three weeks since I've blogged. My only excuse is that we have been busy with school starting, work and I have just not felt like doing much of anything. Hopefully that will change now that we've been in school a few weeks and things on the job front are getting better. Thank you to all who responded with suggestions for my foot and ankle problems. I started taking glucosamine and its working miracles! My feet and ankles still hurt some but nothing I can't deal with.

So where do I start? Want to talk about a quick and easy meal first? I love salads but Wendell always complains that he needs meat. Well, here is one that I do that he seems to like. I call it my fajita chicken salad.


4 - Chicken Breast
1 pkg. - Fajita Seasoning Mix

Prepare the mix as directed on the package and let marinate for at least 30 minutes, then throw them on the grill.

While the chicken is grilling I make a salad with all the fixins' that we like but I do add about a half cup of craisins. I think they give it a nice little bit of sweetness.

When the chicken is done, I let it cool for a few minutes, then place it on top of the salad and serve with our favorite dressing.


Here is a picture of my little school boy. He is leaving for his first day of school in 28 years. He started classes last week. He hates his algebra class but I expected that. Math was never his subject. He has it three times a week and surprisingly seems to be getting a small grasp of it. That's good because I've not taken it yet so I am absolutely no help.

He is going for a degree in Agri-Business so he is also taking Plant and Animal Science classes. He loves those classes. As I type this, he is getting ready for a field trip to one of the university farms. Just so happens to be about 8 miles from our house. Just in the past two weeks I have noticed a change in Wendell. I think... no I know, that school is giving him a reason to get up and look forward to what the day holds. I thank God each day for the opportunities he has given both of us.


I have now been working for seven weeks now and its nice to say I am finally getting the hang of it. Its not exactly what I had hoped to be doing but its a beginning and it helps me complete one of the internships I need for my degree. I love to cook and had hopes of being able to do more baking from scratch but unfortunately I am baking frozen, pre-made pies, breads, cookies, etc. Hopefully the teacher who is suppose to supervising my internships will get with my boss and work out the paperwork on how I've been doing and then I can quit that position for another. (I only need 90 hours for an internship)

I've been told about another job that will be more up my alley. I think its safe to say I have it but until all the details of my current job are taken care of I don't want to say much. You'll all have to wait a bit. :)


One of the best things about the part-time job was getting my first paycheck. Of course I had to celebrate by buying my baby some wheels!

Jaygen was really exited about his ride even though he doesn't quite look it. He had just woke up from a nap. He played on it for the entire visit and once he discovered the secret compartment under the seat, he was putting everything he could find in it. Notice how the cat is sitting at a distance??? Nobody was safe once he got wheels!

Not that he would intentionally try to run anyone over. This is not the face of a onery little boy, is it???

Well, I better go. I have to hop in the shower and run some errands while Wendell is on his field trip this afternoon, then its off to my psychology class this evening. Have you ever tried reading four chapters in a psychology book??? Its a struggle for me to stay awake. Thank goodness the class is much more interesting.

Take care and I hope your enjoying this beautiful fall day!


PS: Once again I want to thank the cowardly spell checker. (Its a shame they have to hide who they are so I can't properly thank them.) I don't know how I ever got through life without you following up behind me to let me know what I am doing wrong. Though I have to admit it is sad that you have nothing better to do with your time.

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  1. Debbie ....you sound wonderful! I'm so glad that things are really working out for you and hubby. AND...that little boy is just the cutest ever! I can just imagine how much he liked the bike. Now, just don't get over worked and overtired. Best of luck...I'll be thinking of you.