Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some Where Not Impressed...

... by the fireworks, that is. Yesterday we spent an enjoyable evening with family over in Illinois for the 4th. The plans were to eat, visit and enjoy the fireworks. Since most of the family on my side had never met Jaygen, except for pictures, I decided to take him along. He was so good and well behaved despite the fact he wouldn't go to hardly anyone but me. Apparently he and grandpa are on the outs again because he wouldn't let Wendell hold him for anything.

Everyone brought a covered dish and I had brought along two desserts for everyone to enjoy. (pictures and recipes to follow) I learned that my cousin Brett can make a mean 'seven-layer salad'! His wife, Tracey is a lucky woman to find a guy who actually doesn't mind cooking. Even though it had rained most of the day we all had a good time. I had not seen some of my cousins in almost a year. Its a shame when we all live within an hour or two of each other.

Evening was fast approaching and the older kids were shooting off fire crackers and a few rockets as it started to get dark. Jaygen did well up until the first 'morter shell' went off. At first it surprised him and when we went over to watch... he freaked out as soon as the bright lights and popping noises started. He promptly started to cry and bury his little face into my shoulder. I covered his ears and my heart about melted when he put his little hand over mine because he didn't like the noise. He didn't even want to see a sparkler! He wanted nothing to do with fireworks!

It was only 9 o'clock and we packed up our things and said our good byes and headed home. Jaygen went right to his mom until the kids at their get-together started shooting off fireworks too. He reached over for me to take him and just said 'no like maw maw' and covered his ears again. That little boy just melts my heart.

I hope you all had a safe and happy 4th of July!



  1. I'm sure he will out grow his fear. I hope so anyway because fire works and sparklers are the best. My oldest was always scared of anyone in a costume. That even included Santa and the Easyer Bunny. Not a lot of pictures of her with Santa. :(


  2. Your little grandson is a sweetheart! Your "turtle cake" looks mouth watering. Glad you had a good time on the 4th.


  3. Oh my ~ that cake is definitely not Weight Watcher friendly! But I'm going to save up some points so I can give it a try!