Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Missing In Action But Have Good News...

Hello Friends, I can't believe its been a week since I posted. I have no excuse other than I have a new addiction called 'Farm Town' and I have a job! If your on Facebook and haven't tried it... BEWARE.... It should come with a warning label! *laughing*

Now on to the job details. A few weeks ago I was told about a position for a part-time baker at a retirement/assisted living center in Cape Girardeau. My friend, Fran from school, started working there right after school and loves it. She prepares the salads for the residents. She told me about the position for a baker so I decided to apply. Well I got the call on Friday that I got it! Its suppose to be only 2 or 3 days a week but that should work out great with going to school. Once I am finished with training I am suppose to be working Friday and every other weekend. This should work out great with school in more ways than one. For this year I have two job internships. For each internship I have to work 90 hours. Now I will be completing a class and get paid for it too!

Today I had to go with Wendell to get the headgear for an ambulatory EEG. He wasn't looking forward to it but when they did the regular EEG last week, he didn't have one of his 'tremors' that they were hoping to catch. Before we left the house he had already decided he was not stepping outside the house until it was time to get the electrodes removed. I assured him I loved him after I finished laughing at him.... oh and after I grabbed the camera to take a picture or two. I know... I'm bad... :)

Lucky for him right after lunch he decided to nap and woke up to the tremors that they are trying to catch. Hopefully they will be able to figure out what it is. Bad news.... he still has to wear this stuff for two days. *laughing*


Other news is that my baby brother and my neice are coming to visit next week. Its been nine years since he has been home. The last time he was here is when Wendell and I came back from our honeymoon and they announced they were pregnant! Now I have been out to visit him and Jen a few times. The last time was 2007 right after I lost my job and I took care of Brenna while he and Jen worked during the summer, so besides me and my dad, nobody else in our family has had the opportunity to meet Brenna. I am so excited to see them again. Sad because the whole familyl could not come but Jen just started a new job. She and Braden, my new nephew who is fifteen months old will be staying home. Sounds like Aunt Debbie is gonna have to save up for a trip to visit California and meet the newest member of the family, huh? All I can say is his daddy better bring me some pictures!

Well, I better get moving. Someone is going to be grumbling that he is hungry soon. He put in an order for the homemade calzones tonight. After supper, I plan on relaxing and getting ready for my job orientation tomorrow. Wish me luck! I hope your all getting to enjoy some of this cool weather and have a great, rest of the week.

Take Care,


It was brought to my attention that I spelled 'calzone' incorrectly. I apologize... I was in a hurry and missed it while typing. I hope I am forgiven.


  1. Debbie, Congrats. on the new job. It sounds PERFECT! I'm very glad that everything is working out for you.

    So, you are going to get to see your brother and your niece. Now...won't that be wonderful? You'll have to cook up some of your delicious recipes!

    Good luck tomorrow with orientation.


  2. Hi Debbie ~ Great news about your job! Sounds perfect for your schedule. I'll be praying for Wendell, I hope the doctors get things sorted out quickly.

    Your art print was mailed last week ~ it should be arriving soon!

  3. Congrats on your new job, Debbie!
    Sounds like it will be just perfect for you.
    Sorry about Wendells health issues, I hope they find out whats causing this...
    I think he's lookin quite dapper in his head gear ;) LOL...you're so bad! He's quite the guy to let ya take a pic of him and POST IT!
    Have a wonderful time with your brother and niece!
    Best of Luck with your new job!

  4. Congrats on the job..I am hooked on farmtown too..Email me and we can add each other as email friends if you want so we can be neighbors on farmtown..
    my information is on my blog