Thursday, July 30, 2009

Give-A-Way Win and Getting Ready for the Weekend...

Hello everyone! Been keeping pretty busy here and seems like when I actually have the time to sit down a spell, I fall asleep. Not good when its only 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Must be the new job. I'm use to getting up early but 9 hours on my feet have been getting the best of me and my feet/ankles. Thank goodness I'm off for the next week. Since I'm part-time, I can only work about four days in a two week period.

I won a give-a-way a few weeks ago and wanted to share the lovely prints I won. They will go great in my diningroom once I get it redone. Marie at Spun By Me held the drawing. Thank you Marie. I love the prints. Marie is so nice and has some cute grandbabies she likes to show off over there. Drop by and check out her blog. Tell her Debbie sent you.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of watching my little man. He is such a pleasant baby to be around. He always seems to be happy and doesn't seem to mind playing with maw maw all day. Saturday he spent a lot of time 'building'. Maybe he is going to go into construction when he grows up???

I just love the way he looks when he is concentrating on what he is doing. When the towers would eventually fall over, he would just slide the blocks all over the table and just look at me and grin. Then he would start all over again. We practiced a little bit on learning our colors and he seemed to catch on. He is at the stage where he repeats everything you say to him. I just wanna squeeze him!

His daddy called me yesterday and told me that he actually used the potty twice yesterday. Jaygen... not daddy... *laughing* He is twenty months old and I can't believe how fast he is growing.

This past week, Wendell and I were busy putting up the pool. We are usually pretty much 'homebodies' so it will be nice to have the pool to relax in and help cooling off. With Wendell's multiple sclerosis, it is important that he stay cool in the heat so it will be handy to have the pool. We had one before and hated losing it when we lost the house but thanks to him finally getting his disability and finding a great sale, we were able to pick up another.

It will especially come in handy this weekend when we have our family BBQ/reunion here at our house. Looks so nice and inviting, doesn't it?

My youngest brother and his daughter are flying in from California tomorrow evening. I am so excited to see him. Its been two years for me but nine years for the rest of our immediate family. I was so happy to get the family BBQ planned so everyone can see him and meet Brenna. Its been a lot longer than nine years since some of them have seen him. I was really pleased that I had 28 family members rsvp! One of my goals for Saturday is to get a lot of pictures.

Today I have house cleaning to do and then Friday I hope to get the bulk of my cooking done. I am trying a new recipe for baked beans from scratch and a new recipe for potato salad. (I will get pictures for posting of them for you, too!)


I need to address a comment I received last week from 'anonymous'. First, unless the comment is signed, I will not post it if I don't know who it is from. I don't know if they were meaning to come off as being rude or not but I was offended by some of the comment. I will thank them for pointing out my spelling error. Next, I will thank them for there concern about me losing my food stamp assistance, etc.

First, I am working part-time, 8 days a month. Two of the college credits I need are 90 hour internships for my degree. The 8 days a month will help me satisfy those credits. It may very possibly make me lose the $77 worth of food stamp assistance we recieve but that is ok. The whole objective of working is helping ourselves and the job helps us do that. It will be nice, to be able to fend for ourselves.

I apologize to the rest of you for this but it bothers me how someone can make comments so easily and hide behind them by being 'anonymous'.


Well, I better close for now and get started cleaning. Those floors aren't going to clean themselves up. I hope everyone is having a good week.

Take Care,



  1. Hi Debbie, what an adorable grandson! And I do see the concentration in his cute.
    Oh, a pool - I'd love one!!!!
    Have a wonderful BBQ with family and how wonderful that your brother and his daughter can make it....we just had one last Sat. and a cousin and his daughter came in from California too!

    I had an 'anonymous' poster awhile back that I deleted because of snyde comments.
    Oh, and there was another blogger who had a'anonymous' post about her SPELLING....guess she goes around checking everyone out....sad.

    P.S. thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting....good luck on my drawing.


  2. Perhaps *anonymous* doesnt realise how hard you have worked to survive the past year or so! Hang in there and dont let one comment get the best of you. Your friends and family know what you do and respect you for the strength you have shown thru all of this. LOVE the prints you won! Have a great BBQ and I look forward to seeing all the family pics! Hugs!

  3. Oh what does that old anonymous person know anyway! Don't you even worry about less than kind comments!

    I hope you're enjoying your new job and I'm sure you'll adjust to it ~ but it'll take time. Just don't get discouraged. And don't work TOO hard getting ready for your company! I'm looking forward to recipes and photos of all the fun!

    Your grandson looks so intnet on his blocks ~ aren't their expressions the most wonderful thing! I love to just sit an d stare at my little grandbabies! Thanks for your sweet words about them (and about me) and I'm so glad you like the prints. I can't wait to see them hanging in your dining room!

  4. Hi Debbie...Don't let "those out there" get you upset! Only you, your hubby and God know how hard this has all been for you. You are getting back on your feet and we all wish you matter how you have to do it! I'm for you and alot of other people have been, too. So try not to let it bother you.

    Your grandson is adorable. You will have lots of fun showing him off on Saturday.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Debbie,

    Congratulations on your new job. I like the pool and I miss my pool also. Never mind those snide remarks from anonymous you have a lot of great blog friends who really care about you. It's been a rough year for all of us and we need to stick together not hurt one another!


  6. Hi Debbie,

    What a cute prize you won from the giveaway...Congrats!!
    Also congrats on the new job!!

    Love the pool...we used to have one years ago and I miss it sometimes. It will be great to get in and relax after being on your feet for 9 hours at work.

    Your grandson is getting bigger all the time...they sure do grow up fast!! He's so cute!!

    Have a wonderful time with your family!!

  7. Great prints there Debbie - remind me a little of Beryl Cook.

    Your grandson sure is a handsome little fella - looks like he may go into the construction industry!

    I didn't read the anon post - but we all get them - some more offensive than others, I just say "stuff 'em" - they're either just bored, jealous or have limited intelligence!

    can I visit your pool one day!?


  8. I just wanted to thank you all for the kind comments. You are the ones that make blogging enjoyable.

    Stiggy... head on over. The water is great. Having a big BBQ today at the house so a few more won't hurt. :)


  9. Good morning! Love the pool, wish we had one! :) Your little man sure is cute, but how do you get anything done while he's around? I'm sure I wouldn't!

    It's a shame that some people see negativity everywhere - don't you feel sorry for them? However, I agree with you - I may feel badly for those negative people, but I don't let them drag me down with them. You don't owe anybody an explanation for anything!

  10. Jaygen is a doll, but then you already know that ;)
    There are "Trolls" out there that thrive on upsetting people. Don't be bothered by what they say.
    Life is way to short to worry about what unimportant people think.
    You know who your friends are that care about you.