Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yay!!! Some Good News...

Yesterday Wendell had his long awaited social security hearing for his disability. After the last time, he was extremely nervous and hardly talking by the time we got there. I had spent my morning, the trip to the hearing, and sitting in the waiting room just praying for a good result.

His lawyer came in and was explaining the process to him when they called his name. They spent the next 45 minutes in the courtroom. They had two specialist, a neurologist and psychiatrist, from one of the major medical universities call in and testify via phone to explain the results of the medical notes. Per his lawyer, we were lucky to have a judge and doctors who actually read Wendell's file.

After a very long and stressful year and a half, they approved his claim. He will be receiving a backpayment for the year plus that he's been ill. VERY good news!

It could still be a while before we see any of the cash but we can now make plans for building an 'emergency fund' and paying off the old credit card debt.

The credit card has been cancelled for two years but they have been steadily adding to the interest since then. We had tried to make payments up until he got sick and then we simply couldn't. At that time I had tried to contact them to see if we could work out something but Washington Mutual wouldn't even acknowledge my tries. It had been almost eight months since we heard anything and then I finally got a call last week from a collection agency. They have now added almost $2600 in interest to the balance. The girl on the phone said she could quote me a settlement if we could make a lump sum payment. I explained our situation and she just said she understood and would contact their client. Now that we know we can possibly pay it off, I will wait until they contact us again and see what they will agree to and get it in writing.

I tried calling my teacher about the job yesterday but he wasn't in the restaurant. I will be trying again today. It will be so nice to get things all settled financially and then Wendell and I can start re-building our life. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you to all of you who have had us in your thoughts and prayers. We do appreciate it so very much! *hugs*

Take Care,



  1. Well now that is good new isn't it! It always amazes me how the system does not seam to see the urgency in these matters.

  2. Debbie...maybe things are finally turning a corner. I know it has been dreadful for you and Wendell. Let's hope all prayers are answered soon.


  3. Great news! I'll continue to pray that all those pieces keep falling into place for you. Have a joy-filled day!

  4. Debbie - I am so happy that they approved your husband's claim. I know this will be the beginning of brighter days for you and I will keep you in my prayers!

    P.S. Let me know when you get your gift! :-)

  5. Debbie I am so happy for you. I also had a similar situation and I finally got into a credit debit program. They have done wonders helping me get my debt down. Not sure if you want to go they route but it worked for me.


  6. Debbie,

    This is wonderful news! I'm so glad your husband's disabilty was approved! What a blessing! I hope things start to really looking up for ya'll!


  7. Thank you all so much. We are so happy its finally gone through. The power of prayer! :)

    Shelly, I will be anxiously awaiting my mail. I still can't believe I won something!

    Donna, I will have to email you and see what its all about. The only debt we have is the credit card and as soon as its gone, there will be NO MORE! :)


  8. Great News Debbie, I am so happy for you, you deserve it!!