Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trip to GW...

Yesterday was the first time I actually didn't walk out of the Good Will without something. I found these two shelves to refinish for a whopping $1.50. I haven't figured exactly where they will go but I am sure I will figure out something.

I also decided to play around with decorating a little in the kitchen. As you can see, I have a long way to go.

How's the weather been? Here we are in our third day of rain and according to the weatherman it is suppose to keep this up till next Monday. I spent part of yesterday working on my herbs. I managed to plant a few baskets with cucumbers and green beans too!

After all the planting was done, I spent an hour or so sitting on the front porch re-reading 'New Moon'. I love reading but haven't been able to make it to the library since we moved. Hopefully today I will be able to go and sign up for a library card and pick up a few books. Anyone have any suggestions for me?

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday,



  1. I love your crock and the cutting boards look great along the the rooster:)

    I love going to the library, I belong to two, I could browse in there for hours if I had the time:)

  2. The weather here is cloudy with the sun peaking out every now and then. I like your new display you are on the right track. :)


  3. Hi Debbie,
    Shelves are always great finds - hope you have fun re-making them!
    Decorating is such a have a great start! Love the that one that you found in the house?

  4. I like the rooster up there!!Wish I had time to decorate!!

  5. Shelves are a great find - can't believe you got such a deal! :)

  6. Hello today,

    Your tiny shelves are great and will decorate perfectly when you put them up....

    Now I know I am a bit forward but your decorating above your kitchen cupboards just needs a little something and while I have been sitting here for ages looking at the photo…..Gosh! I hope you do not mind (while I do love what you have done) it is a little too formal for a country look.

    If you don't mind can I tell you what I would do? I would leave the right hand tray as it is and put the other tray beside it a little further into the corner but on the same side over lapping and standing upright not long like the other. I would then put the rooster closer to the right near the edge of the right hand side and then the beautiful pot all on its own on the left hand side right in the middle and it you can find another something that is timber looking and put it just back a little but very close to the pot on its left I think you will like it and have fun adding to the top of your cupboard further as you find things.....

    I am sure I have not offended you and will be very sad if I have. I decorate windows for a living now and only use thrift store items to do so................I truly hope you don't mind. I do love your pieces and what you have done but know you will enjoy playing with different styles. Lee-ann

  7. Hi Debbie,
    What great finds the shelves were. I love your rooster and the crock up on top of your cabinets with the cutting boards.

  8. Lee Ann, Your not being forward at all. I appreciate your help and am planning on trying it out! :) Thank you sooooo much.


  9. Great shelves you found at GW. That's a great price, too!

    I just loved seeing your saltbox painting below. That is a favorite of mine to paint. And what a wonderful package of paint your received! I would of been more than thrilled! :)