Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon...

There is not much going on around here today. It started off as a cloudy day with showers and now is sunny and very humid. Wendell is outside changing blades on the lawn mower and then was talking about helping me clean up the shed out back for chickens. Yes, I said chickens!

Yesterday he ran by the farm store and talked to one of his good friends who told him that he had been thinking about us. Told him that he has too many hens and wanted to know if we would like them for free! Of course he said yes but told him we have to get the shed fixed up first. I am not worried about it being too small but it does need a little fixing up to cover up some holes in the siding. I'm not worried about the chickens getting out but the weasles and whatever else is out there getting in. It will be wonderful to have fresh eggs again.


After church today we had to drop the jeep off to have the repairs made from the accident on Memorial day. I was disappointed that they are going to keep it till Friday! The other person's insurance company said they would pay for a rental but I am hoping that I can get by without it.


Tomorrow is Wendell's SSI hearing. It is the second one now. (He's been turned down twice already) After the first 'real' hearing the judge had sent Wendell to see a psychiatrist and another neurologist. That was six months ago. Hopefully we will hear some good news tomorrow. Say a little prayer for us, please.


Well, that's about all for today. I am working on my desktop computer in hopes of getting it restored so we can actually use it again. My trouble all started when I tried to download new virus protection. Cross your fingers for me and I hope you have a wonderful afternoon.



  1. Crossing fingers and toes and saying a lil prayer!!! Dont let Wendell throw out any *good& stuff in the shed...LOL!

  2. Hope everything goe well for you both!

  3. Oh, you will love having chickens again, won't you? I do love mine. Good luck on the hearung!

  4. Praying the court will okay your petition. If they don't, go to your Congressman with all your paper work. That is what my husband had to do even though he was certified 100% disabled. Sarah

  5. Chickens!! That means fresh eggs ~ yum! A friend of mine had chickens and she used to share the eggs with us.That was great.

    I will definitely be praying for Wendall's hearing and for the computer issue too!

  6. Hope you had a great Sunday afternoon. Good luck with the SSI hearing.


  7. Good luck with the SSI. Oh and fresh eggs yummmy!


  8. Thank you all for the good wishes with the hearing today. If it weren't for our congresswoman, we would still be waiting for the original hearing. Wendell is really nervous. Last week his lawyer sent us a letter saying they need us to resign the last page of his contract with her, that they had omitted a line. Needless to say we aren't signing anything until we see what line is suppose to be missing. I personally think they are trying to get more money out of him.

    Wish us luck.


    ps. Sarah... do you not have a blog? I tried to access a profile to email you but blogger won't let me.

    Take care all!