Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day and a Pleasant Surprise...

To start things off this afternoon, I want to wish all the Dads out there a very 'Happy Father's Day!' I know that without my daddy, I would be lost. He is and always has been 'my hero'. I don't know what I would do without him around. I was truly blessed when God gave me him for a daddy. I love you dad!

On a more serious note, I want to ask all of you to please keep my dad in your prayers. Last week he had testing for prostate cancer and it came back positive. I know science has come through with a lot of good treatments, but I ask that you please remember him in your prayers. Thank you.


On a happier note... I am happy to announce that I finally won a giveaway! Ms. Shelley at Building A Log Cabin is a wonderful photographer and takes some of the most beautiful pictures of the nature around her, that I have ever seen.

I was so excited when I opened my mailbox and found this package addressed to me! I was even more excited to see the goodies Shelley sent me.

She sent me a magnet and bookmarker (which I am already using!) with this beautiful spring picture. Please visit Shelley's Nature Store to see all of her artwork. She definately makes me want to be a better photographer. Thank you again Shelley! *hugs*


I discovered this weekend that apparently harvesting wheat is also bad on my allergies. This week our neighbor was harvesting his wheat fields and of course there was a nice, warm wind blowing all that nice dust my way. Never being around the farmers harvesting their crops has been interesting for me though. Despite the itchy, watery eyes and sneezing, I just popped a clariton and watched them for a while.

This is what the field looked like this morning when Wendell and I left for church. I don't know what it is about this picture but I like seeing the staw bales out there.

Right now as I am typing, our landlord is harvesting his wheat that is growing on the left side and back of the house. Sasha is going nuts, hearing the noise of the combine.


My little friends are still 'humming' around. Yesterday I had to fill up all six feeders again for the second time this week. My favorite time of the evening is sitting out there, trying to read and avoid getting dive-bombed. Wednesday we sat out for a while and I actually got to see my first baltimore orieole (mispelled?). He was beautiful. I just wish I had a better camera so I could of taken a close up of him.

Well, I am heading outside to spend some time with Wendell while we grill some brats. I wanted to cook him something special but he wanted to grill and who am I to discourage him. I am all for it when he wants to cook! :)

Take care and I hope your all enjoying your Father's Day.



  1. You take great pictures! Just look at the one you took of those beautiful hummingbirds...Very professional!
    Nice goodies you received in the lucky girl!
    Have a great Sunday...and I will definately keep your Daddy in my prayers!

  2. Our hummers are very active right now and very entertaining to watch. ne has decided that he owns the feeders and he tries to keep everyone else away. Of course, as he's chasing one, others come down for a drink, which makes him furious when he comes back and discovers it! Silly bird, there's plenty of food! :)

  3. I love when we can still call our Dad Daddy. I will keep your daddy in my prayers. I love to win anything especially when it's from a fellow blogger.