Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Craft Inspiration...

All my life, I have been 'crafty' thanks to my mom. She was so creative. She is the one who taught me how to sew and got me interested in baking. I always had a pencil or paintbrush close by. After I got married, I remember when mom took a tole painting class. She was so excited about it. It was the beginning of us doing craft shows together.

After mom passed away in 1996, I lost interest in doing a whole lot of crafting. I would still do a few projects but the shows stopped totally.

When Jaygen a.k.a. 'Monkey Face' was born I was inspired to get back into crafting. I had a reason and desire to start using the embroidery machine my DH had gotten me for Valentine's Day in 2007. I started making baby burps, bibs and a few blankets. I was inspired to try my hand at selling again at the local Farmer's Market along with selling some baked goods too. I didn't get rich but it did give me a little extra spending money.

Once our financial/house troubles started I lost my desire again. I couldn't get motivated to do anything. Now that things seem to have settled down a little, I have been playing with the idea of trying to sell some of my crafts again. Here are a few of the baby burps I did.

'Burrp Whyy Per'... This one was a big seller. Everyone seemed to like it.

'Even A Lady Has To Burp'... this one was one of my favorites.

'I Coo & Poo'... I love the little duck on this one.

'Spit Crew'... this was another big seller especially with the race fans.

Yesterday I went out to the storage unit and dug out all of my fabric and the baby stuff I use to sell at the Farmer's Market. I am going to try and set up a selling blog. Now I am trying to decide if I should do one for just baby stuff or if I can do one for all my stuff. I would also like to try and sell some of my other crafts too. Any suggestions? I know I'm asking for help again but I trust you gals and respect your suggestions.


Well, I guess I better get moving. We're having a special service today at church and I'm still not dressed. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and that your blessed with some cool weather.

Take Care,



  1. Debbie...those burp cloths are adorable ....and very useful. Seems like you could try selling some other things, too. Everything that you do is very nice. Give it a try! Good luck!


  2. I have no experience with selling so I'll leave that to the experienced folks. Those burp cloths sure are cute, though - wouldn't they make great baby gifts? :)

  3. I say try them all would be alot more work to manage two blogs plus this one. Hey its worth a try and its free right??

  4. Debbie, these are wonderul.............I am having our 10th grandchild this coming Friday and I am sure some little burp cloths are packed! It is our second daughters forth darling..........I am so proud.


  5. Thank you to you who have answered. I hope to do more than just the sewing. I love painting and thinking of maybe putting some of those items on a blog too. Just not sure if I should combine them or not. I really liked making the burps and bibs when Jaygen was born. I wish we would of had them when my kids were small.


  6. LOVE those burp cloths! You do great work.

    Check out selling on Etsy. You may decide you like it too.

  7. Hi Debbie,
    Check out this blog -

    This is Kimberly - a blogging friend in Canada. She has two selling blogs. One for (mostly) baby bibs and on for cup cozies. She has links for each on her main blog.
    I bet she would answer a question or two if you wanted to visit her.

    I love the burp clothes by the way. Great sayings!!

  8. Debbie,
    I am super impressed with your talents, and feel blessed to know you. I love the Poo and Coo one; what fun!

    Just wanted to tell you also, that we had a huge storm/tornado come though here Saturday night that took out a lot of our trees. About a dozen came crashing down around the house, completely blocking the drive. The destruction in the neighborhood was awful. Power was out for 20 hours. But neighbors went around checking on neighbors and we were helping one another on Sunday. Then imagine (and I know you can because of your own recent move) how I felt when I saw a long brigade of our church people coming to help. 15 members came out with trucks, trailers, chainsaws, rakes, splitters, and coolers of ice water, and they started in on those trees. They worked for about 6 hours getting us free. I cried when I saw them pull in the drive. It was overwhelming. The first thing I thought of was you when the moving van pulled into your drive. Later, Hubby said the said thing: that he couldn't help thinking of Wendell and how overwhelming the whole thing was.

    Best to you!

  9. Hi Debbie,
    I have just one selling blog, but all my items are in the prim/primitive crafts. You could always start out with one for your baby items and another one for craft items...if it got to be too much to manage both you could always go down to one selling blog. I think that they might do better if you had one for each since they are so different from each other.
    Your burp clothes are soooo....cute!!