Monday, June 8, 2009

A Couple Cutting Boards, a Garden Tour and a Surprise...

Remember me talking about my friend who gave me the old table? Well, he gave me a box of plastic bowls and in the bottom of it I found these.

I know their not old but I figure I can scuff them up a bit.

Wendell and I worked out in the yard yesterday and decided to take a quick look this morning to see how everything looked. I think I mentioned that we had some grapes growing along the fence, didn't I? Well, look! They are getting little grapes! Wendell may be able to try his hand at some wine yet!

The garden has really been over taken with grass. Surprisingly though, everything but the eggplant seems to have survived. We wanted to till up the space between everything but the tiller is giving Wendell a lot of problems. We ended up mowing and weedeating then putting a little mulch around the plants. Hopefully it will help.

We have a total of nine tomato plants out there. Half of them are romas. I am hoping to use them for making sauce. I was really surprised to see a lot of little tomatoes on the vine already.

Before the tiller 'crapped out', Wendell did get a little spot for the cucumbers, watermelon and canteloup plants. I couldn't keep Sasha out of the dirt. When she thought we weren't looking she was rolling in the dirt.

Today I hope to get my herbs planted. I can't wait to be able to use my own herbs for cooking.


I also got a pleasant surprise this morning. The mail lady dropped off a package from Nebraska. It was from my friend Cindy at 'My Doggie and Me' . I met Cindy at the Sewforum a few years ago. She is the one who got me into doing machine embroidery. Now she has her own shop on Artfire making wonderful things for dogs and cats.

What was the surprise??? This box, filled with a 100 bottles of paint! She knows I love to paint and she knew I would appreciate all the beautiful colors.

Thank you Cindy! *big hugs* Now I need to get busy on that special something for you. :)

I hope your Monday has been a good one and has your week off to a good start. Take Care,



  1. I love the picture with Sasha in it. :) What a great surprise.


  2. Oh yes... you can definitely make those cutting boards look old. WOW and gotta love all of those paints!

  3. You've had a good Monday! :) And those little grapes are adorable - I tried grapes last year and they died. :( Maybe next year!

  4. Hi Debbie!....thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind words about my display!....the breadboards you found in the box look great!....and your garden looks wonderful! Janet

  5. You can never have enough of those bread boards and other timber items to paint on I am sure......the garden looks lovely however would you like some of our snow? it is falling tonight for the first time this winter!!!! Lee-ann

  6. Hi Debbie...What a great day for you!

    Your garden is going to produce so much! Get the canner out! Be sure to let us see what you do with the bread boards. And all of those paints.......I see lots of fun coming on.
    Have a good day today, too.


  7. Debbie,

    I love cutting boards and bread boards, so I would be excited over those too! And your garden is looking really good!

    Wow! That's alot of paint! That's just paint heaven for a crafter! What a sweet thoughtful gift!

    Hope you have a great evening, Debbie!


  8. Debbie so glad you like the paint. I am glad you can use it. It wsa just sitting there waiting for you :)