Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Storms...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. After church, Wendell was going to surprise me with a ride to Carbondale, Illinois to go to the bookstore and Godfather's Pizza. Unfortunately, we didn't take into account that we had storms on Friday and the Carbondale area was hit pretty bad.

We always drive the back roads since they are more scenic and were surprised to see all the downed trees. The first few pictures here are in a small town called Sandridge.

That black spot on the porch railing is actually a rooster. He seemed to weather the storm pretty well. Luckily for the trailer owner's, it didn't look like the trailer suffered much damage.

This trailer was a surprise as the houses it sits between looked fine.

The next town we went through was Murphysboro. I lost count on how many trees we saw down. The entire town, except for a few places, had no power. We did see one gas station that was packed. They even had a police car stationed there to prevent drive offs.

Things weren't any better in Carbondale. The streets were practically deserted. Here is one of the churches that seemed to have almost every window blown out.

Another trailer that didn't make it. Thankfully, this one wasn't occupied.

There were so many trees down, lots of roof damage. According to the papers there is at least 36,000 electric customers without power yet and it could be almost a week before they have it restored.

I was saying a little prayer for all and so very thankful that God spared us any damage. I heard from someone that the area around our old house was hit pretty bad. I don't know if our old farm suffered any damage though. I couldn't bring myself to go look.

I hope you all have a great Monday!



  1. What sad pictures. I hope everyone was ok.


  2. I just got caught up on your blog. Great cakes! You did an amazing job! congratulations on your passport award.

  3. Wow....get better weather for when I get there!!!

  4. Excellent pictures, that's what it looks like here, north west of Benton. We're still out of power.

  5. That church actually had the stain glass removed weeks ago, hence the boards. The hospital bought it for the land, to build more hospital, etc. It is slated for demolition soon.

  6. Thank you shoedog for setting me straight. Since I'm from Missouri, I wasn't aware that the church was being demolished. So sad as I always thought it was a pretty one.