Monday, May 25, 2009

She's Here! and Our Yard Sale Finds...

I really meant to post sooner but it seems that we have been on the go since we picked Holli up on Thursday. It was really funny as we got to the airport an hour early and had to sit in the receiving area and wait for her plane to arrive. We sat there and it wasn't long before Holli's plane got there and we watched her walk right by. It was too funny as she was more worried about getting her luggage than seeing if we were there. It was was so nice to see her after nine years. So nice that the camera didn't make it out of my purse until we were on the Metrolink on the way back to our vehicle.

She did get to see a few landmarks on the trip home. The St. Louis Arch.

And Busch Stadium.... Home of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Once we got to our Jeep, we headed over to Fairview Heights and we grabbed something to eat before heading home.

We sat up and talked to almost midnight which is a big accomplishment for me, since I usually end up in bed by 8 pm! Surprisingly I woke up bright eyed for school on Friday morning.

I came home to presents! Holli brought me a few gifts from Nova Scotia.

I absolutely love it all! Isn't the rooster great! Its made out of old barn wood and a spindel from an old chair. She picked me up a great sign for the kitchen and some sunflower napkins that she knew I would love.

I had a cake to do that afternoon but we did manage to do a few of the yard sales that were close to home. We even made a trip over to the Good Will Store but came home empty handed on both counts. Very disappointing, huh?

We rested up that evening so we would be ready to go in the morning. Wendell wasn't thrilled about driving us the entire 100 miles but faith jumped in and kept him home. I was making my last minute potty trip when it decided to over-flow. Needless to say, Wendell volunteered to stay home and try to fix it while Holli and I left for yard saling.

Let me tell you.... the traffic was slow moving in spots and it amazes me to see people just run across the road.

I have done the sale before in the past years and I have to say, it really surprised me how few vendors there seemed to be. I don't know if it was the forcasted rain or what. We found ourselves disappointed at most of the stops. It seemed like you would find things you wanted but they were all over-priced or you would find nothing but junk.

I did manage to find a few things. I found this Santa cake pan for fifty cents!

I don't know if this is anything 'special' but I have comed to like this blue/green glass. Wendell had bought me a large vase for my peacock feathers and ever since then, anytime I see something made of it, it catches my eye. I got it for only $1.00.

A little further down the road I found these bowls for $1 each! I don't know if their anything special but I like them. They kinda look like sunflowers, huh? All in all, I only spent $3.50. I won't post what Holli bought so she can do that later.

After all was said and done, we only drove about 40 miles before we decided to give it up and turn around and head to the mall. We ended up hitting the clearance racks at Cato's and Lane Bryants.


Bad news of the day.... septic tank is full and needs to be pumped out. The landlord was not happy but hey.... it happens, right?

Then when we were less than 6 miles from home.... I got rear-ended!!! I just turned to look at Holli and said 'Welcome to Missouri!' We had been sitting at a stop sign, waiting for traffic to pass and the lady behind me wasn't paying attention and just gunned it. Later she admitted that she was pre-occupied as she was mad at her daughter (maybe 11 years old) and arguing with her.

Lucky for me, I have a ball hitch on the back of the jeep and when she hit me, she sustained most of the damage. They actually had to call a wrecker to pull us apart.

The trooper who came to the scene was really nice. While taking my information, he asked where he knew me from. I explained that he may of recognized me from the news stories that were done about my husband and I. He then said yes, the couple in Marble Hill that lost their home to foreclosure. It amazes me that we've been moved for two months now and people are still recognizing us.


Its suppose to rain today so besides the annual grilling of pork steaks, nothing much is being planned. Yesterday we went to church and enjoyed a very nice Memorial Day service. It makes me feel proud and extremely lucky for living here in America.

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend. Take care and be safe!



  1. I hope you are having a wonderful time with Holli:0
    The santa cake pan is neat!

  2. Love that santa cake pan - very neat!!

    Enjoy your time with Holli... I am sure you will.


  3. Oh my...sunburned and tired...worst pic ever!!! But such a fun day!