Friday, May 15, 2009

The Last Buffet...

Good Morning. I don't know about you but I am so glad that its finally Friday!!! Its just been a very long week. A lot of it was the pressure of it being the last buffet at school and the instructor basically put me in charge of the entire thing. Since its the end of the year we are trying to clean out the freezer and not have to purchase a whole lot. It was my mission to come up with a menu that didn't require a lot of outside purchases. This was what we came up with.

The menu consisted of: Turkey and dressing, smoked pork tenderloin, cod fillet italiano, corn, green beans with onion and bacon, fried potatoes, chicken salad, tortellini salad, toss salad and for dessert..... Angel food cake with fresh strawberries on top!

This picture does not do it justice and I still haven't figured out why its a little sideways. We were in a rush toward the end and had people beating on the door to get in before we opened at 11am.

This is a close up of the Cod Fillet Italiano. Our instructor strives on serving something different and this was different. It had white wine in it and smelled really good though I had my doubts on its doneness. He swore it was done but I honestly thought it needed more cook time. Either way, he's the boss and it went out on the line.

Here is a picture of the veggie portion of the buffet. He and I disagreed on the dressing recipe too and of course he won. I have a question.... how many of you use eggs in your dressing??? I grew up with grandma's oyster dressing and I loved it! It had eggs. This dressing had white bread, cornbread, onions, celery, chicken broth, salt and pepper. He didn't even want us to put any sage or poultry seasoning into it.

This was my tortellini salad. It basically has cheese tortellini, a variety of four different colors of bell peppers, green onion, red onion, black olives, fresh parmesan cheese, olive oil and red wine vinegar.... and some salt and pepper.

Can't forget the toss salad. Its a must have on every buffet. I bet we go through at least three platters of it. I was really disappointed that I didn't get a picture of the chicken salad I made. It had fresh chicken, celery, pecans, red grapes, with mayo, salt and pepper. It was really good!

I think we ended up serving about 100 people and boy were my feet tired. Considering this was my first time of being in charge of all the cooking, I think I did pretty good.

Hope you all have a great Friday!



  1. That food looks so delicious!
    My stomach is growling just looking at it!
    I have always used eggs in my dressing! How odd that he chose not to...How did it taste?
    And I LOVE Chicken Salad...and what you described sounds like what I make....Mmmmm!
    Enjoy a restful weekend!

  2. All that food looked good! Making me hungry!!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  3. YUM! YUM! I could eat a little of everything. It looks so good.


  4. Oh my goodness...this wasn't the post for me to click on! I had Special K cereal for lunch...and needless to say, I'm still hungry....oh for a bite of that! You really did well, I'd say!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Looks yummy to me! We have the traditional bread stuffing with celery, broth, onions, sage, seasonings, etc. Never had any other type but yours sounds interesting too.