Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lambert's Cafe and a Gift from a Friend...

I really had hopes of blogging all along Holli's visits but it seems that we always get side-tracked with whatever we are doing. I can't believe she is going home in three days! :( We have had so much fun catching up.

Despite the rain, we have been finding things to occupy our time. Tuesday, since it was my last day of school, Wendell decided he would take us to Lambert's Cafe for supper. Holli had seen them on TV and we thought she should experience having a hot roll thrown at her! *laughing* They serve homestyle cooking which we all enjoyed. They have people walking around with pots of different items for you to try, such as fried okra, tomatoes and macaroni, black-eyed peas and fried potatoes. Mmmmmmmm...... I wish I had thought enough to take out my camera to take a few pictures to show you. Check out their website at .

On Wednesday, Wendell and I went to help a friend move. On the way we were stopped by this covered wagon. This gentleman had been on the local news the previous weekend as he is traveling north from Arkansas with his mule team. Was kinda neat to see.

As I said, we were helping a friend move. He has had a few strokes since December and while he can still get around, he can't do much when it comes to moving. He lived in an upstairs apartment and was basically moving down to the first floor. While neither of us could do much heavy lifting, we were able to help him box up a lot of stuff and carry it down to the new apartment.

While he is moving he is trying to de-clutter and he told me he wanted to give me something because he knew I would appreciate it. It ended up being an old dropleaf table!

It looks so small in the back of Wendell's truck but the leaf on each side are 21 inches long and the width of the tabletop is about 18 inches. There are two more leaves that are 10 inches each, so when the table is fully extended it is close to seven feet! I love it!!!

Now I am on the search for chairs! The top of the table is a little rough but I am thinking about stripping it. What do you think???? Holli and I spent part of the day looking through one of the sheds and I found something that I think will make a great centerpiece but I am not going to tell you until I have it ready to show. *hehehe*

We are really enjoying our time together. Heck, we have nine years to make up for. I have more to share but will save it for a few more post.


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