Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Elmo!

I don't know if I told you all about the cake I had to bake a week after we moved into the new house. It was for a little boy named Wyatt. I was rushing so much that day that I just barely got it finished before the little boy's grandpa came and picked it up. I kicked myself as he was pulling out of my driveway because I didn't get a picture of it. Thank goodness, my friend Fran took one for me. (She is 'grandpa's sister)

I have another cake order for this weekend. Apparently 'grandpa' is turning 50 and his sister wants me to do a cake for him.

I love doing cakes and wish I had more time to do different techniques. I have taken two of the Wilton cake decorating courses and loved them. I hope to take the third class this summer if Hobby Lobby does it, if not, I may just have to pull out the book for course 3 and do it on my own.

Now that graduation is practically around the corner, I have been trying to decide on what I want to really do. I love to cook but I think my artistic side wants me to lean toward baking and decorating cakes. Any advice???

Well, lunch is almost over so I guess I should close for now. Hopefully tomorrow we will have our phone service back so I can post this weekend. I am behind on reading everyones blogs!

Take care and enjoy your Thursday,



  1. Oh what a great looking cake. I love to cook but not so much the baking part.


  2. Awww what a great cake!

    I love EATING but not too keen on the cooking part!