Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Cake...

Last week I had another cake order. This one was for a sheet cake with a volleyball. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but I really liked the results. Hopefully I can get a few more orders over the summer to get my name out there.


As of right now I only have two days of school left. I can't believe its almost over. Last week out teacher pulled me aside to see what my plans are. I really want to go back to school in the fall to take a few of the english and math classes I need to complete the degree. He is offering me a job if I am interested. He owns one of the oldest restaurants in town and he and his son are opening up a new place in July. I told him that I was really interested in a position at the new place as it is going to be a little more 'up scale' place that will seat between 40 and 50 guest. I think it would be nice to start new with a new place. We'll see.....

I hope you have a nice Tuesday. Its going to be another rainy one here. Take Care,



  1. Debbie~That cake looks amazing!
    I wish you lived closer to me because i would sure keep you busy with my 6 kids' birthdays!
    That is great news about the restaurant! I hope and pray that this all works out for you.

  2. Thanks Janene. I really enjoy doing them and seeing the kids reactions. Today ended up being out last day of school. The teacher gave me my certificate and told me to call him in two weeks about the job. I'm glad I will have a few weeks before working.