Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meeting An Online Friend and Moving...

I had the opportunity to meet a very special lady last weekend. Her name is Diana Parson. Diana and I had met online through the website Frugal Village and been talking for a little over a year.

When Diana heard we were having trouble finding help to move, she came and saved the day. She contacted Chaffee General Baptist Church and spot to Pastor Bob Lewis on our behalf. She explained our story to him and he offered his church group to help us move.

When we had found out an exact date for the move, Diana and her wonderful husband, Perry, made a two hour drive just to help us too! I personally do not know many people who would do something like that for people they have not `physically' met before. They arrived on Friday night and stayed through Saturday afternoon to help pack and load the trucks we were expecting. It was a weekend of blessings and renewed faith.


Friday morning before I left for school, I emailed our realtor as I hadn't heard a word from her in almost two weeks. The last thing we knew was that we were suppose to be out of the farm by March 31st. Well, at my morning break at school, I checked my email to find a response from her stating the contract had been extended to April 14th and `by the way. there's a guy coming with heavy equipment to dig up your yard to install a septic system.' Just what we needed the day before we are moving and expecting several trucks to help us do so.

I tried to call Wendell and warn him about what was to happen but it was too late as the guy had shown up at 8:30 am and I didn't get my break till 9:30 am. This is what I came home too on Friday afternoon.

Then of course it begins to rain Friday night. The yard was nothing but mud. Wendell and Perry got up early Saturday morning and took down a load of stuff on his truck while Diana and I continued packing. We did not know exactly when the church group would arrive because our reporter/friend, Kathy Sweeney, was doing a story on the church as well as our move. Kathy was meeting with Pastor Bob at 10:00 am. Pastor Bob thought he would be in Marble Hill at 10:30 am but I know from our past interviews that 30 minutes would not cover it and the 30 minute drive.

It was about 11:00 am when Diana noticed a big U-Haul truck coming down our driveway. I started to cry as I had been worried about how it would all work out. I was expecting guys with pick-up trucks to help us and had been worried about all the rain that was coming down. It was the first of many blessings that day.

The U-Haul was being driven by a gentleman named Joe Kinder, his wife Anna and their granddaughter Keily. Anna got out of the truck and introduced herself to me telling me that they had a friend who worked for U-Haul and they donated the truck to be used that day. I was showing her the house when Wendell finally arrived home and he asked me what happened. By the time he got there, our drive-way was packed with vehicles of people we had never met before. We stood in the living room as a line of people came through, shaking our hands and introducing themselves to us. I swear it seemed as though there were thirty people there to help. I just cried happy tears.

It was simply amazing. They came in, saw what needed to be done and did it. You could definitely tell they had done it before and had it down to a science.

Kathy and her cameraman, Bill, spent the entire two hours it took to pack up the truck, interviewing everyone. They did a wonderful job on the two stories. I can never thank Kathy enough for giving up her day off to be with us.

It seemed that it took less than an hour to get the truck unpacked, once we got to the new house. There was even a break in the rain by then and we managed to see the sun for a bit.

It was truly an amazing day for both Wendell and I. We both feel as though we were blessed by everything that happened. We made some new friends and found a new church family too! Ever since we got married I have had something missing from my life. Thanks to everything that has happened, I am beginning to feel like life is on its way to feeling good again. I am actually looking forward to going to church on Sunday and building on the new friendships we have made.

My faith in God and others is renewed. Its such a wonderful feeling!

Take Care,



  1. So very happy everything turned out great for you and your husband!

  2. Im so glad you are moved and what a great way to end one era and start another in a new home and new church! I cant wait to come visit! I have missed you this week!

  3. It is a wonderful feeling. We started going to Church last November and it has made a difference in our lives as well.


  4. Debbie,
    How wonderful that all those people came to help! I'm so glad that you have met these new friends,found a church, and that you are feeling happy. That's all so great! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Debbie,
    I am so happy for you. What a wonderful post today... how blessed you were by the kindness of others and what great friendships were started on your moving day.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. so glad you were sent angels to help you. i had been wondering how things were going for you. miss chatting with you.

  7. Good for you!

    I'm glad things are working out for you - sometimes things happen that you never expect, but fate is a great thing isn't it?

    Continuing good wishes from us over here in 'Blighty'!


  8. I just discovered your blog and love the story about the church family and their helping with the move. It sounds as if you've indeed discovered a nice church family. I always say that if I miss church on Sunday my whole week is messed up.

    I quickly scanned through a few posts and saw the sweet face of your dog. What a great story about staying in the car to make sure she (?) was included in the move. I will be back to read more and hope to see more pictures of the kitchen. That's one room I never tire of decorating.

  9. Hi Debbie!
    What a great post to read!
    I am so happy everything came together for you guys!
    Angel's appear in all forms, those who appear unexpectedly, and leave behind a new found FRIENDSHIP, are the best angels of all!