Saturday, April 25, 2009

Looks Like A Beautiful Saturday...

Good Morning! Looks to be another beautiful day here in Southeast Missouri. Yesterday it got up to 84 and breezy. It would of been a great evening for sitting out on the porch in the rocking chairs if the farmer across the road hadn't been burning brush out there for the past two days. Thankfully the house stays cool enough that we don't have to open the windows yet.

It has been such a busy week for us here. We signed the papers on Monday to finalize the sale of the farm. That part of our life is now over so we should be able to concentrate on what the future has in store for us. At school, we ended up doing two buffets, even with the freezer catching fire on Tuesday afternoon. Yesterday our teacher was out and I was elected to do class tours for a visiting school who was showing their 8th graders, of all the different classes that the school has to offer. I hope I didn't scare any of them off.

Wendell has been working hard on the yard this week. I came home one day and he had it all mowed. It really looked nice. From what I was told, its the nicest its looked in the past few years. Only problem I had with it was he mowed all my little purple flowers down. I don't know what they were, but I thought they were pretty.


Now I have a little mystery for you all. When we moved and cleared off the front porch of the new house, we discovered a portion of the floor was cut out.

There is a hole underneath it. Not very deep, probably 3 - 4 feet and has concrete walls. Anyone out here in blog land have any guesses what it may have been used for? We have no clue. I keep hoping to ask the landlord one of these days if we remember.

As you can tell, the cat isn't the only one curious. Sasha was ready to jump down in it to see what was up.

Last Saturday morning we woke up to sounds of a tractor in the yard. I don't know if you remember what it looked like before but there use to be a big old, red chicken house back on the side. They finally pushed it into a big hole a couple of weeks ago and last weekend, the landlord came out to level the yard down.

They even took out some old trees that were dead. It definately made a big improvement on the property.

This is a picture of where the old shed sat, right off the front porch. It looks so nice with that gone. I just wish he would of done it on a day when I could of saved some of the old wood.


I am looking for suggestions. I had gotten this little light for Jaygen at one of the dollar stores. Unfortunately, it never worked. I hate to throw it away and am trying to figure out another use for it. Anyone have an idea?


I guess I should close for now. I promised Wendell I would make up my grocery list this morning. He is wanting to get the shopping done early so he can get me out into the garden again this afternoon. I have some garlic I want to plant and he has some potatoes, along with other seeds to plant. I still haven't decided where I want to put my herb garden.

Hope you all have a great weekend and can manage to do something fun.

Take Care,



  1. Looking good sis....I love the way the property is shaping up. No idea on your mysterious pit? hehe!

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I have little purple flowers all over my side yard also until Gary mows.
    I have no idea what the thing in your deck is...never seen anything like it before.
    Love your rooster sign!!

  3. Hi Debbie - Is it possible it was a little root cellar? That's about all I can think of.