Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Wife Knows Best...

I finally got what I wanted... the white trim! Wendell went down to the house yesterday while I was in school to work on the bedroom and paint the trim in the two rooms. I think I finally made my point that the white trim looks so much better. Right now its only primer but hopefully by the weekend I will be able to get the white paint to fnish it off.

I think the room is going to look so nice once the carpet is tore up and the furniture is moved in, don't you?

Here is the peek into the bedroom. Can you see the spot over there in the corner of the wall?? Somebody, could not leave well enough alone, and pulled a piece of tape off in the corner which in turn took off a big section of the paper that was on the drywall. That was my project to work on once I got there to help. Hopefully today, he can go and sand down the mudding repairs and get primer on it so I can help paint later this afternoon. We are heading into 'crunch' time here.

Sasha was so excited yesterday as she got to go with Daddy down to the new place. Of course she was bored to death but she had to go. It was either that or stay home locked in the kennel as the realtor lady had the inspector and appraiser coming over. We did not want to leave Sasha cooped up all day.

Tonight I hope to share what we came home too after a hard day at school and painting. Was not pretty!



  1. Trim looks nice, white! Glad ya got what ya wanted :)
    It's gonna be so nice when you're all finished, your hard work is paying off, already!

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. The white trim is going to look fantastic!
    I love the arched doorway to the bedroom...They just don't make homes like that anymore...what a shame!
    We used to have a dog name Sasha too! She was a black toy poodle! She was such a great dog!
    Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Hate to tell Wendell I was right....but hey that white makes the paint look more green than yellow!!! YAY ME!!