Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Days Till Moving Day...

I can't believe we only have two days until we are moving. I came home last night and packed up a lot of the stuff in the kitchen and some decor until the jeep could not hold anymore. Then I sit and look around and wonder.... where did all this stuff come from. It looks like we still have tons of things to pack up before Saturday rolls around.

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day even though they were predicting a few showers. Unfortunately, Wendell loaded up his truck and waited for me to get home before he took anything down to the new place. I don't know the reasoning for that and didn't want to ask simply to avoid an arguement. He could of made at least three trips while I was gone to school.

I am hoping that today he will try to at least get one load down there while I am at school. Then I can go down, unload the jeep. I asked him a few days ago to move his tools and things out of the kitchen area so I can start unpacking things. That will at least give me some empty boxes to pack more stuff in. I have a feeling its going to be a long night.... heck, a few long nights.

Yesterday while I was packing up the jeep, I let Sasha come out with me. She knows something is going on and wants to be sure she's not left behind. She sat in the front seat of the jeep for at least an hour while I was packing it.

She was not moving! She was determined to stay right where she was. I tried to get her out by telling her it was supper time and let's go eat but no way.....

That is when I had to resort to bribery. She loves her ice cream. It took a few minutes for her to 'think' about it but she finally got out. And yes, I was a good mama and let her have her ice cream.

The forecast still says a chance of rain for almost the entire weekend. I am thinking that I may have to breakdown and rent a Uhaul trailer for a day. Its going to be hard to move in the rain without something to protect our beloved junk. I can tell you one thing though, I foresee a yard sale in our future. I need to do some major decluttering!

Take Care and hope you have a great Thursday!



  1. Get decluttering then sis!! We can have a huge Yard sale when I get there!!! Im a great sales person! Good luck this weekend!I will pray for the sun to shine on you.

  2. Debbie~It sounds like Wendell is having a hard time moving!
    I hope it doesn't rain for you this isn't any fun moving in the mud!
    I will say a little prayer that you have a dry and sunny weekend! There, that will help!!! LOL
    I love that that at the new home?

  3. I hope the moving goes smoothly - I know it's a lot of work! How cute that your dog loves ice cream that much!

  4. The thoughts of moving--ugh!! I hope it goes well and fast for you. Dogs are amazing when it comes to change. Cute post. Julie

  5. I hope you don't get rained on. I know it's hard trying to figure out the logic behind a man's thinking. LOL! If they could only think like us things would run so much smoother.

    Love the pictures of Sasha.


  6. I hope everything goes well for you, soon it will all be over:)
    Have a great day!

  7. Thank you for the compliment on the picture Janene. that is a picture of a bradford pear tree in the front yard of our farm. I was going around taking pictures for the memories.