Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Puppy's Trip to the Vet

Two weeks ago, I noticed Sasha was really favoring her right ear. When I got a closer look, it looked like she may have a case of mites. I started her with an ear mite treatment but it did not seem to help. Unfortunately we had to wait for payday before we could take her to the vet..

It ends up that she has a bacterial infection and has to be treated twice a day with special ear drops. She's been a really good dog when it comes to me having to flush out her ear and put in the drops. Hopefully in another week, she will be back to her old self.

Today wendell is going to try to get to the house. We are expecting stormy weather and a temperature change. Yesterday's high was 74 and today's high is only suppose to be 43. Hurry on spring! With some luck, he should finish sanding the kitchen cabinets today and start painting them with primer. I can't wait to get down there and see what it looks like. I will be sure to have the camera with me.

For those who asked, Wendell is feeling fine after his mishap with the step-stool. Surprisingly, he did not get too sore from it.

Well, I am off to school. Its buffet day again which means a long day of standing on my feet. That's ok though because I love it!

Take care and hope you enjoy a great Wednesday!


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  1. Our dog Missy had the same problem!
    She, unfortunately, does not enjoy having her ear rinsed and the drops put in. She is part cocker spaniel and has a nervous you can just imagine what happens...not a fun situation!