Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Playing Hookie on a Wednesday...

Well.... I guess you can't exactly call it 'playing hookie' as I am going with Wendell today for his court appointed doctor visits. He is not too happy about either of them. The judge had copies of all his medical records for his social security but still wanted a second opinion and a visit with a forensic psychiatrist. I keep telling him not to go in there with an attitude but he is a very stubborn man. Keep your fingers crossed for me! *laughing*

The good thing about the visits today is one of them is close to the Salvation Army. I am hoping for a chance to run in there and see what I can find. I may talk to them about the three large boxes of clothing I have from the house. I would rather give it to them than just dumping them.


Moving along... We have been having several issues with the realtor on the selling of our farm. We are losing the farm... not proud of it but we do not feel that it is right to be treated the way we have been by the inspectors, etc. We know we do not have the right to consider the place still ours yet we do feel like we deserve a little respect.

Two weeks ago, our mortgage holder (CitiMortgage) accepted the offer from the buyer. The buyer's bank wanted to do an appraisal and inspection. We understood and agreed that they should even though we are doing a short-sale 'as is'. We came home on the Wednesday that the inspectors both came and boy did my husband blow up!

First thing we notice when we walk into the house is that the livingroom light is left on, and my coffee table is in the center of the room. There is 'crap' from the hole in the ceiling everywhere! On the coffee table, the floor and my couch!

We head to the kitchen to notice that my microwave has been unplugged. Ok... no big deal but upon looking down the hall, we see that the storage closet where I keep all my bedding, extra towels, etc. is left wide open and the cats have had access to it for who knows how long.

I go into our bedroom to find that my alarm clock that sits on my beside table has been unplugged and left that way. Then I hear a roar come from Wendell as he is in the diningroom. We have french doors in there and if they are not kept locked, the wind can blow them open. Well, the high that day is 45 degrees and the doors are wide open. My house is unlocked basically and welcoming anyone to walk right in! Of course the furnace is running non-stop. We were so upset.

I immediately called the realtor to tell her about the situation and ask for the inspectors names. She wouldn't give them to me. She apologized and promised to talk to them. I emailed her the next morning to ask for the names again and she didn't want to give them to me and basically told me to 'let it go'. Did I really want to cause trouble for the inspectors that were going to be coming back? I was fuming but basically understood what she was getting at but still think it was extremely unprofessional. Heck.... had me wondering what else they were rummaging through. Then two days later, Wendell went downstairs to get fish for supper only to discover that my freezer had been unplugged too! Thank God it was full and it didn't defrost. I informed the realtor of this too but never got a response.

She calls us last week to tell us that we will be having a couple guys come down to do soil samples for a septic system as the buyers bank won't go for the property without one. (We have a field system here in the boonies) Well... we come home yesterday and there are four holes dug on the property and this is what we find.

This was an apple tree before someone apparently backed over it! There is a pear tree about 8 feet behind it and half of it was broken off too!

Here is one of the fence post to the goat pasture that was bent and knocked out about 5 feet! I wonder what the buyer will think of the treatment her future property is getting.

I will be so happy when the stress of all this is over with. I am having an extremely hard time of 'dealing with it' and 'letting things go'. Just because we are losing our home doesn't give these people to treat us like they have been.

I am sorry for the rant. It was not my intention but I have had to bottle it up for the past two weeks and the italian in me could stand it no longer! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. Its suppose to reach the mid-seventies here! Come on Spring!!!

Take Care,



  1. Debbie~You have every right to be irate!!!
    How dare these people treat your home like this...because until it is sold, it is still your home!
    Is there a way for you to contact the buyers and let them know that it is not you who is causing all of this damage?
    I hope there is something that you can do about these malicious people.
    Keep us informed!
    And try to slip into that TS...getting a great bargain always makes me feel better!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment you left for my son's birthday:)

    I hope everything is going better for you today and I can't wait for spring we have a high in the 70's but next two days in the high 40's:(

  3. Debbie I am so sorry. It seems people really want to kick you when you are already down. I rent but we may also have to move. We were struggling when I lost my job but now hubby has lost his. It doesn't seem fair but I know when we bounce back we will be stronger than ever. I just hope I never get like the people in your post. Sending you a bug hug!


  4. I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with all that. I would be so upset too!
    I hope you have a good day today Debbie.
    Janae :-)

  5. Sister....keep records of every phone call and photo and email you send. You dont want this coming back on you. And as for Wendell...tell him to bite his tongue with those doctors! Its just how they do things. They will always ask for a second opinion. Keep are almost moved!

  6. I would be fuming, too! You have every right to be mad--there is no excuse for them treating you that way. BTW, I love love love the looks of that cake. YUM!

  7. I am sad to hear you were treated this way! There is never a reason to treat anyones property this way - and any one of us could be in a position to lose our home so compassion and respect for all is a must.

  8. Hmmm.....I feel sorry for you. I know that people these days are HORRIBLE! I hope everything turns out well.

    Love, Joy

  9. Oh my gosh Debbie, I am so sorry to hear about the horrible inspections! I would demand the names or have your local news cover the situation! Uncalled for by far. Carelessness is not tolerated! I do hope you enjoy a warm sunny day today. Thank you for stopping by!