Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Respect...

That is how we felt when we came home last night after working at the rental house.

What would you do if you came home after a long day at school and then working on a house to find that the appraiser and inspector came to check out your current home and did not leave it as they found it? That is what happened to us yesterday.

The realtor called me Tuesday night and told me that they were coming as the bank finally accepted the buyer's offer.

We came home and walked into the house to find the livingroom lights on, my coffee table out in the middle of the room and debris from the ceiling all over the coffee table, couch and floor. (livingroom ceiling wasn't fixed as DH couldn't do it).

I walk into the kitchen to find my microwave was unplugged and then look down the hall to see that DH's clothes closet is wide open allowing cats access, which is a no no. (anyone who has cats will understand)

Next is the bedroom... everything looks ok till I look over at my bedside table to see that the alarm clock has been unplugged! WTH???We go to the back hallway to find the other two bedroom doors were left wide open. Another 'no cat' zone, and that the basement light was left on too!

The kicker was to go into the diningroom to find the french doors blown open because they did not lock them when they left! I have my thermostat set on 63 because our electric bill was out the roof. The temperature in the house when I got home was 55 degrees. I was freezing! There was a window unit A/C on the floor, in a corner that had been moved onto the middle of the floor and boxes for packing out of place too.DH just exploded.

I called the realtor and you know what she told me??? "We're trying to help you...." Yeah, I said, but leaving my doors unlocked doesn't help me one bit, especially when we have the untrustworthy neighbors and my furnace is running to catch up cause people they let into our home were irresponsible. Are they going to help me pay another $300 electric bill because they were trying to 'help' me????

Then she hangs up telling me that she is going to call them (but I bet she doesn't) and then tells me "I'm sorry you and DH are so upset, sweetheart." I absolutely hate it when people talk to me like that. I am not your sweetheart... you don't know me!

I personally think it was unprofessional of them and want to write letters to each company. I may even let my reporter friend know about it. What would you do???

Take care,



  1. Debbie that is outrageous!
    I would definately write letters and yes indeed, if I had a reporter friend, I would inform them of the situation!
    I would feel violated!
    I can't believe they would come when someone wasn't home!
    I hope you get some results and some piece of mind that something was done!

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Sorry to hear about the mess you went home to. It was for sure irresponible and unprofessional!! If that is how they run their businees...they shouldn't be in business. How would they of felt if someone had left their home like that...Angry I'm sure, so how dare they do it to someone else's home. I would write a letter to each company and I would tell your reporter friend...maybe by doing so, it won't happen again to someone else's home they inspect.

  3. I was thinking too what if your cats had run away out that open door? (I don't know if yours are indoors or not) but that was one of my thoughts.Very disrespectful what they did - the leaving the door open would make me the most mad and I would expect an apology.

  4. Oh I would definately let the reporter know and I would write letters to both companies. What would they have done if you *claimed* you were missing things from the house cause they left the door unlocked?? How would they prove you werent? Its such a violation of privacy to have strangers in your house anyways and things like that make me cringe! I would be furious! They may be trying to help you...but you still have a right to respect!

  5. i know what you mean. when we sold our old house, their realtor kept letting them in and their family and friends it seemed like people were going there about every day. when we looked at the house we saw it the day we went to the open house and not again till we signed the papers and it was ours. i totally understand your frustration.

  6. I would post the name of the company all over this blog so that others can pass the word not to use that company AND I would call the better business bureau and call the company to file a complaint...Oh and maybe get a voodoo doll and stick pins in it...Ok not really but I bet that part made you smile.