Monday, March 16, 2009

The Mystery is Solved and A Few More Treasures

It was beautiful yesterday. Up into the high 50's by the time we got to the house in Allenville. The first thing I did was go check out the garden in hopes of seeing some asparagus poking up its head but alas there was none. I did find out what my 'mystery' plant was though!

It is rhubarb! Wendell's parents had it growing in their garden when he was growing up. I personally have never eaten it. Probably cause I always heard how bitter it was. Either way, we look to have plenty of it growing out there.

We went shopping on Saturday to find a few things we needed for the house. I am happy to report that I did find cabinet hardware for in the kitchen and it only costed me $33.00 as opposed to the $210.00 it would of if I had let Wendell pick out his favorite. Our main goal was to find a rug for the bedroom and of course we had no luck. I did go to two of my favorite stores and found a few items I just had to have for the house.

I have always wanted one of those big, metal stars. I found this one at Gordman's for $7! This one is going to go in my livingroom but I see another one being bought in the future for outside on the front of the house.

We also stopped in at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I was hoping to find a wooden dish rack for the kitchen. Well I found one but refused to pay $30 for it. That was ok though because I found 2 of these green wine bottles for $.48 each! I have corks for them and plan on using them as bottles for my cooking oils. Now I will just have to work on getting a couple labels for them.

At Garden Ridge, I found this picture that I plan on hanging in the livingroom or possibly the bedroom. I think it explains it all just perfectly!

The other day while Wendell was out at the house alone, he dug around one of the sheds and found a few things that really interested him.

I personally would not have a clue what any of them were but he says they were used for butchering. He remembered tools like them when he helped his uncles butcher at their farm.

Now these are something that I was excited about. The smaller one is cracked though but by some stroke of luck still being held together. I can't wait to get them cleaned up and displayed somewhere.

Remember me saying in an earlier post of how I always wanted an old crock style bowl??? Well now I have two! This one is in even better shape than the other.

Yesterday we had to run over to Lowes on the way to the house. I wanted to pick up my 'faux tin' for the kitchen blacksplash. I also picked up these tiles for a project I wanted to try. I am wanting to do some coasters for myself and as a gift. I got the idea off of another blogsite that I follow.

Wendell also got my dryer hook-up installed so I will be able to dry clothes on those rainy days. Now we just have to figure out how to run the washer. The only drain was in the tiny bathroom and there is no way the washer will fit in there. Today he is going to install the new kitchen faucet, though I tried to tell him to wait until all the painting and my faux tin is installed. He has a one track mind though, his track, so he will do what he wants. *laughing*

Here's to another beautiful day! They say its suppose to reach 70 today. I pray that spring is here. Take care all and Happy Monday!



  1. I want to come look in your barn!! Those crocks are awesome!!

  2. Debbie~What a great weekend you had!
    I am so jealous that you find all of these great items in your backyard! You are such a lucky lucky girl!
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with your tiles. Because I was thinking that would be a great summer project for me and my girls!

  3. I love your star and your new crocks.


  4. You found quite a few good treasures. It lookslike you found a hay hook, & some hog scrapers also. Great finds!

  5. The treasure hunt continues!! You are finding all sorts of neat things ~ I can't wait to see it all cleaned up and displayed!
    I love the "faith" picture ~ you're right ~ it says it all!

    Thanks for visiting me today ~ have a happy day!

  6. When I say you got two crocks my eyes popped! I love then, and collect them but I am not willing to pay those high prices for them.