Monday, March 9, 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

I am so easily persuaded to be lazy... Yesterday morning Wendell woke up feeling pretty good, despite his fall, but did not feel like painting. He came to me with the bright of idea of taking a Sunday drive and pricing rugs for the bedroom. Oh course I gave in. All it took was him batting those old baby blues at me.

There is a store over in Illinois called Garden Ridge that we both love. They have all types of home decor. We can easily spend an hour or so just looking up and down the aisles. We did find some very reasonable rugs there but none were in the colors I want for in that room. Hopefully when I get my grant payment, they will have a new shipment.

The other store we went to was Gordmans. They are a brand-name department store that sells for 60% off the regular marked prices. I like them because they carry a lot of prim style decor. Luckily for Wendell I could only window shop because I found a lot of items there that I would of loved to have. Unless I talk myself out of it. You know? I tend to look at something and then tell myself that I can make it myself. Anyone else do that?

Today Wendell is going to spend some time at the house, sanding my kitchen cabinets. He also wants to check and make sure that everything is ok down there. Yesterday we had some severe thunderstorms and a tornado move through the little town we are moving too. I called a friend who lived down there to find her in a closet! She called me back to say everything looked fine, but we want to make sure the old tin roof is ok.

Tonight, at 10 o'clock, our last interview is going to air on KFVS12. If anyone is interested in viewing it, they will be running it on their website after 10pm.

Well, that is about it for today. I am off to school. We have a big chapter test on nutrition and then I have to work on a paper for Communication Arts. Oh the fun never stops!

Take care and I hope you all have a great Monday!



  1. Sounds like a relaxing and fun afternoon, which you both deserve after so much hard work! :)
    I didn't realize your Hubby had fallen, I'm glad he's ok!!
    Have a Wonderful Monday!

  2. We have a garden ridge store about an hour from me and I love it. They always have the neatest things. I'm glad you had a nice weekend.

  3. Glad to know you werent affected by the tornadoes!