Friday, March 6, 2009

Is Spring in the Air?

Last night we went to bed with the sounds of the frogs in the pond. Was so peaceful. I am really going to miss it once we move. I love the sounds of spring here at the farm.

When I woke up this morning the thermometer read 60 degrees! While at the house the other day, I noticed daffodils popping their heads up everywhere! It will be nice to have a place with flowers. We always had a problem before because the chickens would tear up everything, but we loved our chickens and let them free-range

I hope everyone has a beautiful day. The weatherman says we should hit the 70's here for the rest of the weekend! Yipee!!!!

Take care and enjoy your day,



  1. Debbie~ Nothing says Spring is around the corner more than seeing flower shoots coming up from the dead grasses!
    Mine are starting to come up too! I get so excited when I see this!
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your 70 degree weather!

  2. Just the thought of flowers coming up gets me all excited. In NH it is 47 degrees right now, but it's so gray and icky out that it certainly doesn't feel that warm.

  3. get spring flowers...I got 3 inches of snow. UGH!!! Im envious!

  4. We're suppose to have a pretty weekend here too, but I think mother nature is only flirting with us. I suspect it will turn cold again, but I am ready for spring!

  5. Wow, that sounds great....we are having a tiny bit of the warm weather and we are supposed to get the bad part of Spring....thunderstorms.....ugh....I just hope that we don't get tornadoes.

    Love, Joy =D

  6. We are destined for a warm weekend too. Our peepers down at the lake have been singing for quite some time now. But the warming trend this week has sent them into a louder chorus. I can almost hear them say. . . Spring's coming, Spring is almost here!