Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Busy Saturday...

Since we found out on Thursday night that we only have two weeks to get moved, Wendell and I went to work on the house yesterday. Our goal is to try and get as much painting done as we can this weekend so I can start taking loads of things into town with me during the week. I figured that if I can take a load down there everyday after school, it will make things a lot easier when the big day finally gets here.

My project yesterday was to finish the kitchen walls while Wendell worked on the livingroom. I am proud to say, despite my fear of heights, I climbed that ladder and got it all finished, except for the trim and cabinets. I figured that I can do that as we go, once we get moved in. The walls, I wanted done! *laughing* I am really pleased with the color. It almost looks like a lemony yellow. I think the green on the cabinets will go great, once I am through with them.

I added this picture in again, just in case ya'll forgot how it looked before.

This is my friend, Regina, who I recruited into helping us. I don't know what we (or I) would do without her. She is always ready to dig in and help wherever we need her.

This is the paint in the livingroom. She got almost half of it done. Would of gotten it all done, but Wendell had to sand down a few spots and paint on the primer. They both kept giving me 'the business' that the color I picked was yellow, though it was really called 'Wild Asparagus'. They are wanting me to do the trim in a darker shade of green. I don't know.... I almost like it white. What do you think???

We had gone grocery shopping last week and I just left the canned goods in my jeep because I didn't want to have to unload them twice. Being antsy about moving in, I decided to put them away now, in their new home. Now I just have to move the rest of the stockpile! (Yes, we like mushrooms!)

Right before we were ready to leave, grandma had an unexpected visitor. This is Jaygen, the guy I am going to leave Wendell for! *laughing* Don't you just love those curls??? He just turned a year old on November 18th. His birthday is six days before maw maw's. That smile makes everything worth it!

The plan today is to go back and finish up the livingroom, start on the bedroom and to scrub the kitchen and bathroom floors. Hopefully Wendell will be up for the challenge.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends. If ya'll get bored, you can come help me! *laughing* Take Care,



  1. Wow are you productive! I thought I was doing well with my bathroom LOL and you've gotten several rooms done! I love the colors. I think white will look best in the livingroom against the yellow. Not sure about dark green? You can see what I've been doing if you check out my blog.

  2. Hi Debbie - wow, moving....yeah! Not sure what the color is in the living room because I couldn't see it that well...was hoping the picture would enlarge when i clicked on it.
    But...what i can see I love because it's in the color family I like! (smiles).
    Thanks for visiting my blog - isn't this just the best thing ever, this blogging?

  3. Love the color!!Good luck today and I wish I was closer so I could help.

  4. The house is coming along wonderfully!
    I agree with you about the white woodwork! It sets off the color of the walls so much better!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I like the color of the walls and the white woodwork. Jaygen is so adorable...I can see why he stole his grandma's heart!!
    Hope you moving goes smoothly.

  6. I like the soft pastel of the paint color. I chose a similar soft hue for my downstairs hall. We added white wainscoting and chair railing above it. I think the white is a nice complimenting color.

    Sweet Wishes,