Sunday, March 22, 2009

7 Days...

Well, the countdown has begun. We have seven days till moving day. I am feeling like we will never get it all done. Today we are going to spend the day cleaning the floors so I can start moving stuff in. The trim isn't all done but I figure it can be worked on later once we are there.

Yesterday I had hoped to finish painting the cabinet doors for the kitchen but someone got in a big fired up hurry and started putting them up. He got half of them up when he discovered that we would need different hinges for the other half, so it was yet another trip to Lowes. Of course the new hinges cost about $1.00 more than the others, and we needed 25 of them! Oh well....

I am still not sold on the yellow in the panels of the doors but maybe once they are all done, with both coats of paint, I will like them. I tried to talk him into leaving the middle, bottom doors off. I thought it would look nice to display something in them but he's a hard headed german and did what he wanted to anyway.

Here are a couple examples of someone not waiting till the paint is fully dried and cured before putting the cabinet doors up. He said he figured "I" could touch them up later! Men!!!!

While he was putting up cabinet doors, I went out on the back porch trying to clean it so we would have room for the washer/dryer and the freezer. There is an old workbench in the back that she used for potting plants, and raising her seedlings. I can't wait to use the space. There are windows back there and it gets great light.

I love old flower pots and wasn't disappointed by this one. The picture makes it look square but it isn't. When you look at it from the top it is more of a diamond shape. It will go nicely in my country kitchen!

I found a whole bag of old clothespins. Still had half of them in their original wrapper. They were from Woolworth and cost $.49! Do they even make these anymore? Got any ideas for me girls???

Today we are heading back over. I hope to get the floors all cleaned and ready to move stuff in. Then that will be the project for the rest of the week. Boxing up, packing in the jeep and truck and moving it in. I hope to have things ready to just pack up for the church who is helping us next Saturday. We are so ready to be there.

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I want you to know I have so enjoyed reading all your blogs. They make a great start to my morning. You gals are my inspiration!



  1. Debbie~Your cabinets are really coming together nicely.
    I bet it is rather exciting getting all of your things together to start life anew!
    Thank you for taking us on this tour with you!
    We will be there with you on moving day!

  2. I am enjoying the pictures. I can't wait to see everything all completed. My hubby is hardheaded also. :)


  3. I love that little flower pot and the clothespins are great. I have some primitive cloth napkins hanging on twine with some of those clothespins against the wall over my kitchen sink. I have more clothespins like that, but don't know what to do with them either. I hope your move goes well and that you get all settled soon. Have a nice afternoon Debbie!

  4. I know your getting excited about the move. I bet you will be glad when everything is unpacked and in its place. As for the clothes pins. Have you thought about a clothes line, I think they are suppose to hold wet clothes until they are dry (ha ha, I know you knew this but I couldn't resist)

  5. Looking good sis!! Im sure the cupboards will look fine once they are done!

  6. Oh Debbie,
    It's all starting to come together! :) Lookin good in your kitchen, girl. Not much longer now and you'll be all moved in! ;)
    Love that little pot.

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Hi Debbie, I love your cabinets - they look great!
    The planter is such a pretty color - maybe you could put an old bit of fabric in it along with soem of those clothespins???

    I have tons of clothespins. Some are tied up with homespun in little bunches of three, some of just inside an old pickle jar, others are in a basket. I also use them to wind short lengths of ribbons & trims on.

    Thnaks for visiting my new grandbaby. I've off work in about 30 minutes and I'm headed to the hospital to visit...and take moe pictures of course!!