Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Do You Think???

Wendell and I went and looked at an old farmhouse today. It was about 20 minutes from school for me. A big improvement over the 45 minute drive I have now. It sits on about 130 acres. We would only have access to about an acre or so that is all fenced in. Great for Sasha to run around. You can't even see the nearest neighbor. Its a perfect setting for my 'hermit' man. *laughing*

The landlord's 84 year old cousin use to live there but is now in a nursing home and she won't be coming back to it, he says. He told us we could have it for $150.00 a month. He was willing to keep the electric in his name, which is a help to us. It has a well and a septic tank. He basically would like to have someone there just so it is not sitting there empty.

The bad news???? The house looked great from the outside just needed some yard maintenance. (Even had a big asparagus patch on the side!) The inside of the house..... major TLC! It had LOTS of potential. The main floor needed to have the old wallpaper removed and paint put on the walls. All the cabinets in the house are the originals. Beautiful hardwood floors under that 70's carpeting. There was an antique light fixture that I fell in love with. Heck... the whole place is loaded with old cans, bottles.... a prim ladies dream! Old wooden crates..... I would love to just be able to clean through the place. I can just imagine the treasures one would find.

The really bad news???? The basement flooded last fall when we were hit with about 12 inches of rain in a day. The basement has an old dirt floor and its a mess. I don't think they really cleaned after it. There is mold down there but no where else that I could see.

My heart is saying do it! Its your dream of a big old farmhouse. It has tons of possibilities, but my head is saying 'NO'... you don't need the headaches.

Its hard when we only have 21 days to move out and haven't seen a decent place yet. What would you do???

Stay warm,



  1. $150 a month! That would be great!
    Is there an option to buy?
    I would buy it in a heartbeat!
    Can you do any of the decorating in there? Like the painting and such..because a lot of places where you rent they don't allow that!
    Let us know...Also, take some pic of the inside!

  2. Did I read that right..One hundred fifty dollars a month? Wow, I would so jump on that fixer upper or not. You can't even find a one bedroom apartment in my area for less than 5-6 hundred a month. Living on a farm sounds wonderful. I will be looking forward to seeing what you decide

  3. If we take it, we can do whatever we want to the inside. Will just be out of our pocket in exchange for the cheap rent. There may be an option to buy down the road but as I said earlier, it worries me with the mold all over the basement. I think we will try to go and take another look this weekend and take some pictures. I can use all the advice you gals and guys can give me. I do want the place but afraid of getting sick by the mold.


  4. Hard to resist such a deal, isn't it!? But I would share your concern about the mold issue. I work in insurance and I know that it can be a real health problem. Is there any water restoration company you can contact ~ they could give you an idea of the extent of the mold problem and what it might take to clean it up.

  5. holy cow!! i have no idea what i would do... but i would Def. get an inspector before moving in...esp with your hubby's illness... mold can cause sooo many issues..i hope this works that is such a bargain for a month of rent!!!!

  6. Wow!!! Debbie that place looks awesome! I'm with Marie though...just get an expert opinion on the problem...might not be such a big deal and then you have peace of mind and a great place to live!

  7. By looking i would say jump on it, but that mold is an issue, I would first see if anything could be done about it. The place is beautiful!