Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Are You Up To???

I did not get a lot accomplished yesterday at all. I ended up leaving school at noon because I wasn't feeling 100%. I think its this crazy weather. Warm one day and then freezing the next. Anyway, I had to run down to the house to put out trash. One of our new neighbors offered the use of their dumpster until we get moved in. Good thing I went down because Wendell had placed the trash bags on the porch and apparently 'someone' had decided to check them out. Thankfully the mess wasn't too bad.

After the trash was taken care of, I decided to check out the paint colors in the kitchen. I have decided that I can live with them. The yellow (Butterfly Bush/Olympia Paints) looked much better. I think I may be lucky enough to get by with just one coat! Woo Hoo! Thank goodness for primer. The green (Western Cactus/Dutch Boy) will be good once it is done. I gave the shelf a quick, second coat and I think it will work out great! I can't wait for my country kitchen to be done.

I stayed long enough to get the other walls a 'first' coat of paint. Now I just have to work on the top portion of the walls. Not easy when your only 5 foot 3 inches tall and scared of heights! *laughing* Oh well, I will get it done and appreciate it more just because I did it myself.

I am hoping Wendell will feel up to going down there today and try to get some of the priming done in the livingroom but won't hold my breath. I will definately be going down there again today after school and try to get the kitchen walls done.

Hopefully while I'm down there, he will try to do a little straightening out around the house for the interview on Thursday. This will be the fourth time we have been interviewed. Kathy Sweeney, from KFVS12, did a series on us about the struggles we had been having, trying to work with our mortgage company. That was aired all week, through the middle of November. This upcoming interview is a follow-up as to what has happened to us since then. She is a very sweet lady and truly interested in us and how we are doing. I will try to find out when the story will air so I can tell all of my blogger friends.

Well, I best go and get ready for school. We have a buffet to plan and start on. It will definately be a busy few days.

Take care and hope you have a great Tuesday!


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  1. i can't wait until you get all settled in and get back to sewing/embroidery. i always enjoyed seeing your latest projects. i have been in a sewing mood lately. i hope i can catch you on msn soon. i miss chatting with you.