Saturday, February 7, 2009

We have a new place to live!

First, I want to apologize for all the pictures but I ended up taking over 60!

Well, this afternoon, Wendell and I went back to check out the house and spent two hours going through all the rooms. We talked to our future landlord and he has agreed to waive the first two months of rent so we can get the downstairs liveable. Wendell will be dropping me off at school Monday so he can start the cleaning process! (he hates having his picture taken)

Here is the livingroom. The couch will be leaving. The carpet is old but I figure we will clean it and paint the walls. The room is about 16' x 16'. Nice and roomy. I actually think the entire first floor is almost larger than our present house.

All the rooms downstairs have big windows in them. I love the old lace curtains here. I will definately have to do some hand washing and see if I will be able to save them.

This is an old archway that goes between the livingroom and what we will be using as our bedroom. The picture doesn't do it justice. Can you see the old green 70's carpeting?

This is the bedroom, or at least what we are going to use as our bedroom. Its 15' x 15 1/2 feet. Barely a closet here but the closet that was in the diningroom will work for us. My favorite part of this room was the light fixture.

Isn't it pretty! Makes me wonder what they did with all the others. They have ceiling fans in the other three rooms downstairs.

This is apparently the only picture of what I think was originally the diningroom. The elderly lady that lived there had been using it as her bedroom. The other side of the room had a huge closet in it. I think this is where we will be storing all our clothes.

The bathroom is super small, but I can live with it. The wall opposite the sink has a lot of cabinets on the wall. I tried to get a picture but would of had to stand in the bathtub.

And here is the kitchen. Can you see the ugly green wallpaper? Apparently she had painted over it at one time. I need to come up with a way to clean it off of there so I can re-paint. Any ideas??? They will be greatly appreciated.

We still haven't figured out where we will put the refrigerator. All the cabinets are so short. On the wall opposite from the sink, there is a huge double window. The sink is shallow but I think we will look around and see about replacing it sometime down the road if we stay any length of time. How do you like the linoleum?

Its not much but I am thrilled to have a light over the kitchen sink! I have to do dishes in the dark at our current house.

Here are the steps to the upstairs. I wish you could see the wallpaper. *laughing* Its really something. The brown step covering is so old and brittle. It chips when you go up the stairs. I think we will probably use the upstairs for storage right now but eventually... I want to put my sewing room up there.

I love how the runner is painted on the floor. Its in pretty good shape considering the house is about 90 years old.

There are three rooms upstairs. This one is probably one of the better ones. All the rooms have at least one closet and one opening to a crawl space. Lots of storage space if it weren't already full of junk. Anyone want to go on a treasure hunt?

This is the view looking out into the hallway. There is another bedroom, there on the right hand side. Then another on the left side.

This is the third room that I would like to make my sewing room. Can you see the old rug in there? I am hoping I can save it. Its pretty worn but still beautiful.

Inside the doorway of the third bedroom. It looks really bright despite the old wallpaper and dust.

I didn't get a picture of the first room upstairs because it had so much junk laying around.

Here is the back porch. There is a bench there in the back where it looked like she did some gardening. There are a lot of flower pots back there on the shelves. I think we will be putting the freezer, washer and dryer back here. I like the idea of having everything on one level.

Definately a lot of work to be done but Wendell and I are really excited about it. Anyone want to help??? I am sure to need some decorating ideas, so please help inspire me!



  1. Wow! That is all I can say...WoW!
    Fantastic place!

  2. cool!=D hope you like it, where is the house at?

  3. Oh Debbie, I'm in love!!!! lol What a project! You're going to make lots of happy memories in that place!
    Blessings to you!

  4. Found your blog from your post on backtosimplicity group. I LOVE your new place!! What an adventure you will have! I'll be peeking to see what treasures you find.

    Happy homemaking and treasure hunting!