Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Student Professional Day

Today was 'Student Professional Day' at school. Each class had people in the community, in their chosen field of study come in and talk them. In our Culinary Arts class we had an entrepreneur, a salesman for one of the top food service companies and the owner of one of the higher end restaurants. Each of the gentlemen were very interesting but I think everyones favorite was Mr. Mark Dirnberger, owner of Bella Italia in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

He had told us that when he was first starting out he had a relative that dabbled in ice sculpting. He said he was pretty good in art so he decided to give it a shot. While he told us that he was strictly amateur, after watching him, most of us decided that was not the case. As a side business, Mr. Dirnberger does ice sculptures for weddings, banquets, etc.

Here we see him begin the carving on the 300 pound, block of ice. He explained how you just cannot start carving on a piece of ice. You have to give it time to temper, become soft.

Here you can see him doing the outline of the sculpture. Can you tell what it is? He let us know that he was not sure what to do until he started cutting into that ice.

In this picture, he is chipping away at some of the excess ice.

Now he is doing some of the detail work. Have you figured out what he is creating yet?

Its still not complete but now you should be able to tell that its a fish!

Just a few more finishing touches.....

Voila! A fish, complete with some seaweed.

Mr. Dirnberger with his finished product. He explained to us that right, a sculpture like this will go for about $200.00. Original cost of the block of ice is $30.00. It took him about 20 - 25 minutes to create the fish.

Here is the entire, afternoon class with Mr. Dirnberger. We all had a wonderful time watching him. Thank you sir! (NOTE: Please disregard the crazy woman on the end with her mouth open! I never take a picture that I like.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our demonstration.

Hope you all have a wonderful night,


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  1. Beautiful! What a neat experience for the students (and adults too)!