Saturday, February 14, 2009

Products From The Past...

While cleaning up the old place we have come across some old stuff, including some product packaging. Some things we had heard of, others we just laughed at. I thought I would share a few with you and see if you remembered any of them.

We found this in one of the closets filled with old panty hose and garter straps! I was hoping for a date on the box but we did not find one.

Am I the only person who remembers when you could buy a twin-pack of potato chips? We found this in a closet filled with a few 'unmentionables'. It was a popular brand around here.

Now these, I had never heard of, stocking protectors. They came from Montgomery-Wards. I feel funny keeping some of these things because I don't think they are anything I would display but I hate throwing away the past.

Now these are things I remember. I have a new box of Cut-Rite in my cabinets now. This box had .29 written on the package. I could of purchased at least six or more for the price I paid last time I went to the store.

A couple of cans of paste wax. I swear the woman never threw anything away.

An old can of lard, back when it was ok to cook with the stuff.

Ok, this is a little graphic. I don't know how old this is, only that I remember getting them like that before we got the ones with 'wings'! *laughing*

An old coffee can where you had to use a little metal 'key' to open it. I am surprised that we did not find more of these. This one was filled with a lot of old hardware.

This is something Wendell got excited over because he loved raising chickens. Three full bottles of the stuff you used to put on the birds to prevent the others from pecking them. The other box is for empty gelatin capsules.

I hope I did not bore you. I just am fascinated by finding all of this old stuff. Not sure what I will do with some of it but am open to hear any ideas you may have.

Take Care,



  1. WOW, you are finding alot of stuff, some good treasures too!

  2. What a treasure hunt you're on! I think my favorites are the boxes of wax paper, etc. This is all the kind of stuff that I would have fun finding ~ unlike this trip to Nordstrom today. Even though I have a gift card (so it really isn't costing ME money) I just can't stand the thought of paying the prices that store charges. I'm really hoping to find some things on huge markdown ~ we shall see!
    You continue to have a wonderful time exploring that house!

  3. Wow those are some old treasures!

  4. Oh how neat! I know I was not bored by your post and I want to see more pictures of the old stuff. :) I think a lot of the ephemera gets lost - especially hte "unmentionables" - so, yes, keep them!