Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Biggest Catering Yet...

Wednesday of this week was a very busy day for us at school. We had a catering for 300+ teachers and their guest. Was the biggest catering we have ever done at the school. We started on everything Monday and surprisingly, it was not a big scramble at the last minute. The kids really did a great job and I wanted to share it with all my friends here.

We had two entrees that day. One was beef brisket and the other was BBQ Pork. I actually got to use the kitchen's chopper that day to chop the pork. Was the first time to use it. For some reason that machine really intimidates me! *laughing*

The tables were all set up in a huge 'horse shoe' and we had different types of bread on each corner for sandwiches.

I spent Tuesday afternoon preparing two different types of chicken salad. They were yummy!

We also served, two types of soup. This one was a Bacon Cheddar Potato soup and it got rave reviews!

The other was a basic Chicken Noodle.

We had three different salads. A Spinach/Apple Salad, Potato Salad and a Toss Salad.

Now for the best part of any meal.... dessert! I usually don't care for Bread Pudding but I think its because of the lemon sauce that is always served with it. This one had caramel! I am happy to say, I made a big part of this one with the help of Fran, the other adult student in class. I will be doing this one here at home soon!

Remember my post with my Carrot Cake, made from scratch? Well I got to do a sheet cake that fed 100! Despite the near fall I took in the walk-in, carrying the cake, it turned out wonderful. This thing felt like it weighed a ton and I tripped over a bucket someone sat in the middle of the floor. I slipped and tripped and if it hadn't been for the corner of the base, that cake would of been history!

This is our 4-Layer dessert a.k.a. 'The Girdle Buster'. Everyone seems to love this . We made two pans and both were gone!

And our final dessert were Brownies, made by one of the students in class. Her name is Lateria and that girl makes a mean chocolate chip cookie too!

Any post about the school wouldn't be complete with a few pictures of some of the kids. This is Maryssa. Don't be fooled by that sweet smile. She may look quiet but she lets us know she is there.

Next is Kelsey M. Her ascending school was having a "Formal Day'. Didn't she look cute in her purple gown?

Ok, and finally.... our class 'clown', Billy. There is never a dull moment when Billy is around. You may remember him from a previous post also. He always makes us smile.

The catering turned out great. We recieved compliments from everyone but the biggest was from our teachers. Apparently in the past years, they were all recruited to help prepare for this dinner and our little class of 25 managed to do it all by themselves! The kids all deserved a round of applause. I know I am personally proud of each of them.

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  1. Absolutely amazing! Congrats on a job well done!

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