Monday, February 16, 2009

I Have Hot Water!

Yesterday was a good day. Wendell and I, along with my son, Jared and his girlfriend, Danielle, seemed to get a lot accomplished today. Wendell and Jared worked in the basement all day and got the hot water heater hooked up so I can happily report that we have hot water!!!!. Now the real cleaning can begin...

I did manage to wash down the shelves in the pantry. Just have to line the shelves now and give the floor a good scrubbing! I am so tickled to have a nice spot to store my stockpile now. I can hardly wait to move it all in.

After the pantry was tackled, Danielle and I proceded to peel off all of the old, ugly contact paper that was on the walls. I only ran into one problem and that was the area behind the kitchen sink. It looks like that the wall is covered with some type of cardboard stuff. When I tried to peel off the paper, it ripped the board. I am now thinking that maybe I can get some type of tin for the backsplash. I know the local farm store sells small sheets of the stuff. What do you think? Any ideas?

I have been wondering what I am going to do about this little gem. Its the pressure tank for the well. I still can't believe they put it in the kitchen! Needless to say in the corner where the refrigerator is suppose to go. Men! You can tell a woman was not consulted. (sorry guys... I know not all of you would ever dream of doing this). While cleaning, I found the piece of counter top they cut for the sink. I think I'm going to make a little table with it and set it over this to hide it. I have a water dispenser that will go perfectly in the spot. Now the refrigerator???? That's still a mystery. I have no clue where I can move it.

My next problem is what to do with the hole from where the old stove sat. Don't you just love the way she used the 'universal' solution??? Good 'ole duct tape! There are three of these in the house. Do they even make those plates that go over them anymore? Any idea on how I can make one for myself? I am open to all suggestions.

Today I will be heading over there myself. Wendell is not feeling to chipper today. Apparently I over-worked him too much. I know a lot of it is the MS and the fact he can be a little bull headed when he knows something needs to be done. Gotta love him...

Hope you all have a great Monday and take care,



  1. I think that they make metal decorative plate that will fit the stove pipe hole at any home improvement stores, like Lowes and Home Depot!
    I would love to have a pantry...lined with canned goods. Ahhhh! You are such a lucky girl!
    Things are sure looking up!

  2. Hi,

    Looks like you're getting a lot acomplished!!! I'm sure Danielle is a big help! But, then again, what would we do about our broken stuff if men didn't have a say in broken off doll heads or stuff like that??? lol!

    Love, Joy =D

  3. it sounds like it is coming right along :) could you put your fridge on the back porch?

  4. What a great pantry!!

    Looks like progress is being made...I'm enjoying following along!