Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Hunt For Treasure

This was the fun part of going back to look at the house. I wanted to snoop the cabinets and outside sheds! I got a few pictures but did not want to seem too interested as the landlord might figure out there was something there. *laughing*

This is a picture of one of the outbuildings on the side of the house. I wish you could see the old oak that it is made out of. The landlord is planning on tearing it down and burning it! I am in the process of trying to talk him out of it and letting tear it down. I like doing alot of crafting and this wood is perfect for some future projects!

The first thing I spotted Thursday when I walked into the kitchen was this bottle of liniment and the two old wine bottles. Keeper???

Here is one of many old crates I found sitting around. Its for Sunkist oranges. The basement was full of old crates.

Besides all of the nasty, old mud dobber nest, there were a lot of glass medicine bottles in this crawl space. If you look close, you can see the tin from the roof.

This is what you see when you look on the floor in that space. There has to be 50 or more old canning jars up there. I'm not sure about that crock, looking thing. Will have to get a closer look next week when we are cleaning.

I love the old suitcases. I even saw a few old comforters in there. From what I could see, they seemed to be in pretty good condition.

I almost missed this old barrel because it was so dark in the basement. It appears to be in great shape. I am still hoping for ideas ladies!

Remember the canning jars upstairs??? Well there were twice as many, if not more, down in the basement. I kid you not.... some of those jars had dates as far back as 1973! It was surprising how nice some of the food still looked. I forsee a day of opening seals and disposing of it. Some of those jars are antique for sure!

I found this when I was snooping around the canning jars. It was buried under junk. I think it will be another keeper!

This was hiding underneath the stairs. I wonder where the sewing machine went to??? I'm wondering if it can be refinished and what about that old ladder? I can almost see some old comforters being displayed on it!

I am so sure there is a lot of other things there, I just have to find the time to search through it. The landlord was telling us that his uncle was a blacksmith and had his shop in one of the outbuildings. I saw some old horseshoes out there and I am sure if I dug around I would probably find more things. I promise to keep you all updated!

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  1. Oh My~ I am drooling over the I'm sure you were when your were exploring thorough this wonderful treasure trove!
    I can't wait to see more!
    I would love to move there and fix it all up!
    A prim lovers dream place is what that is!!!!