Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What A Busy Day...

This was the sunrise yesterday. It was so beautiful. I get so choked up thinking that our days here are numbered and I don't know how many more of these I will be able to enjoy. Its such a sad feeling , and I hope no one else is having to experience it.

Yesterday I had to take a day off from school to take Wendell to his regular doctor appointment with his neurologist, and the lawyer to discuss his upcoming hearing for Social Security disability. The doctor appointment went well. He seems to be holding his own right now and the MS isn't getting any worse, but not getting any better either. We had to explain about the foreclosure to doctor, and his head nurse, as they had seen us on the news in November. Its hard to explain to others about our situation but they seem to understand.

The doctor did give DH a prescription for something to help him sleep as he won't come to bed till almost 2 am, and then just toss and turn all night. It seemed to help him but I was awaken by his legs trembling. He hasn't done that in a while. I'm hoping it was just because of the long day and he was extra tired.

After the doctor's appointment, we had a 2pm. appointment with the lawyer. Of course we got there early only to be told that she was in court. We ended up waiting almost two hours! They didn't want to reschedule us because we lived 35 miles out of town, so we sat and waited... and waited. If I had known we were going to be stuck there for so long, I would of taken a book in with me. The magazines in her office were 2 years old!

It was finally about 3:30 pm when she arrived. We ended up meeting with her about 25 minutes. The good news is that DH's disability hearing in January 26th. I think that is only because we got involved and contacted our local congresswoman, JoAnn Emerson. What we were told, would take 16 months to happen, was done in 5 months thanks to Ms. Emerson. Now we just have to appear before the judge and see what happens. Wish us luck. We can surely use some right now.

After the lawyer's appointment, I went to Hobby Lobby to see if I could find some decent material to make an apron or two. I had gone to Hancock Fabrics after Christmas but their material is so expensive. I refused to pay $9 a yard for fabric. I ended up finding some really cute fabric that was on sale for 30% off. $4.20 per yard is a much better price to pay. I also had a 40% off coupon and got another piece of fabric that will allow me to make two more aprons.

I have been wanting to make myself some pretty aprons for use at home and school. At school we serve lunches three times a week, and I think a nice apron would be so much prettier than those plastic aprons we are provided with there. I hate them as they make me sweat in places I would rather not sweat! *laughing*

I have found a book called 'A Is for Apron' by Nathalie Mornu. Its really interesting, and has patterns for 25 aprons you can make yourself. I can't wait to try a few out. Be sure I will post them once I get them done. Now I just have to find the time to sew between school and packing up the house.

After all the running yesterday, I am ashamed to say I didn't cook. It was a 'free for all' of whatever you could find in the refrigerator. Tonight... we will have to see. Its buffet day at school, so whatever I fix at home will probably be something light. After cooking all day there, I get home tired, not wanting to cook. Who knows.... maybe I will be lucky and DH will decided to cook!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Its Wednesday! Only two more days till the weekend. I don't know why I should be glad about that. I just have to clean house and pack. Oh well, its nice not having to deal with 20, teenage culinary students. Don't get me wrong. Most of them are sweet kids, and anxious to learn. Others are there because they think its an easy A for them, and they can be very disruptive. Somedays its not easy when your the adult work/study student trying to work off your tuition, yet be a role model/mentor to them.

Happy Wednesday!


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