Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today at the 'Culinary Tasting Center'

I think I have mentioned that I am a culinary student, working on my associates degree in Culinary Arts this year. Its a two year program that I am trying to complete in one as the work/study student in the class. I am working off my tuition by basically being the teacher's right hand.

Every Wednesday is our Buffet day at school and today our theme was Italian. We have a total of 15 students in the morning class, and 15 in the afternoon class also. We are each assigned a team to do specific jobs.

This week I am on the prep team. It was mine and another student's job to make the breadsticks for the buffet. We ended up doing close to 160! They were probably the best bread we have done since we have been there.

We did three salads for the lunch today. A spinach caprese salad, the 'pasta house' salad, and a cheese tortillini salad.

The entrees consisted of parmesan chicken and spaghetti. For sides, we served two types of fried ravioli, manicotti and rotini alfredo.

The buffet is open to the public but most of our patrons are the teachers and fellow students at the school. The picture above is my friend, Bruce, with another student. Doesn't he look sharp in his suit! :) He, along with a few other friends, give me the confidence that I may actually be able to do something with this degree once school is finished.

After lunch is over, we all have to help get the kitchen back in order. Not a lot of fun, but you have to take the good with the bad, right? Here are two of our afternoon student's (Tarl and Michael) helping me and Fran, organize the kitchen's pantry. They are guaranteed to keep us smiling. We really enjoy working with the kids. They help keep us young.

Well, this is a day in the life of a culinary student. I hope I didn't bore you. I do enjoy cooking and I have the hope that this class will help get me a job that I will enjoy doing in the future.

I hope everyone stays warm tonight. The temperature is suppose to get down to the single digits tonight and not much warmer in the morning. With the wind chill.... I just wish I could stay home and sew. Unfortunately, we have not gotten any snow or ice to let me do that.

Thank you for reading. Stay warm!


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