Friday, January 2, 2009

A Time For Setting Goals...

With the coming of 2009, many of us start making plans or setting goals for ourselves. I'm no different, especially this year. I decided to challenge myself.

For the past eleven months, I have been a member of a group whose basis is bringing together those of us who have the desire to live life more frugally. To some, when they hear the word 'frugal', they automatically think cheap. Not me. When I hear the word frugal, I think of learning to live happily with less. Saving money, cooking more from scratch, eating out less, and much more.

Well, with the start of the new year, suggestions for challenges arose. I decided to jump in, and attempt to try a few. They are:

1. Learn at least one new skill a month
2. Christmas gift challenge
3. Build up my stockpile

It may not sound like much but I figure with going to school, moving, and taking care of Wendell, it will be plenty. I can always do more as I go along, right?

I really want to concentrate on cooking more from scratch, making more bread, and making my own mixes. I read on a fellow blogger's site about canning, so it has inspired me to do more of that too. I like the idea of having things already made, and just having to heat them up. Years ago I use to can basics like tomato juice, bbq sauce, salsa, green beans, and a variety of pickles. Unfortunately I got lazy. Now with the economy being as it is, along with the change of our family income, I plan on starting to can again.

For the Christmas challenge, I plan on putting my sewing and embroidery machines to use. I have hundreds of ideas for gifts. Over the summer I had tried to make extra cash selling items I had made but barely made enough to cover the cost of the materials. No one seems to appreciate the time it takes to create something special like that. I also have learned over the years how to do tole painting, quilting, and basket weaving to name a few skills. I would love to do a few small craft shows sometime in the future. God has blessed me with many abilities, and I hope that I can use them to help support our household.

If anyone is interested, and continues to read this blog I would love to share with you. One of my goals is to share all my attempts, and successes to be frugal. I hope that you would also share yours with me. I would absolutely love to hear from others.

Hope your all staying warm,


  1. I read and I'm interested, keep on posting! I embroider too with a Babylock. I'm a beginner quilter, just made a couple patterns so far. You'll find that things just kind of fit in where they need to, don't worry and enjoy it all.

  2. Will be following along as well. I have a ton of craft projects that need to be completed. We can encourage each other along.