Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Such A Sweet Husband

I may complain once in a while that my husband doesn't do 'this' or 'that' around the house but I still love him and would not trade him for another.

Last Tuesday, Wendell 'grumbled' thru his 44th birthday. He had received a little cash for the special occasion and decided that he wanted to order a book he had been looking for. He has a huge interest in learning everything he can about making, curing and smoking his own meats.

Well, he ordered his book but came home with something for me too! He knows I love cookbooks and found a magazine he knew I would enjoy.

Its the 2009, Taste of Home, Comfort Food 'diet' Cookbook. It is filled with 205 recipes, complete with great color pictures. You will be hungry just glimpsing thru it! I spent a good hour going thru the magazine. I have already picked out several recipes I am hoping to try in the upcoming month. I even look forward to altering a few of them to suit my own taste.

If you enjoy cookbooks, I can guarantee you will enjoy this magazine. It can be found at Barnes and Noble or even your local Wal-Mart.




  1. Happy belated birthday Wendell. I love the TOH mag, not everything comes out like the picture but lots of good recipes in it no doubt.

  2. Runzas are very populat out here. i don't care for them cause i don't like ground meat and i hate cabbage. they are usually in more of a rectangular shape. i couldn't believe you knew about Runzas!

  3. I may live in the boonies but I am well traveled online! *laughing* I think next time I make them I may try them with a shredded meat mixture or maybe homemade fajita or taco seasoning. They definately will be made with bread dough.