Friday, January 30, 2009

A New Apron

With yet another snow day, I wanted to be constructive and do more sewing. Now that I am in culinary class, what better thing to sew than a few new aprons. I can hardly wait until we go back to class. I think this apron will be the perfect accessory to serve the Wednesday buffet in, don't you?

The pattern I used was McCall's M5825. I got it a few weeks ago when Hancock Fabrics was having all their McCall pattern's on sale for $1. I find that is a great time to stock up on things I hope to sew sometime. I surely won't pay the regular prices of $11.95 to $16.95 for a pattern!

Ok, here was my end results. I tried it on and Wendell just commented that it looked like something his grandmother would wear. Of course I put my hands on my hips, squinted at him and said 'what do you mean by that???' He quickly replied that it just looked old fashioned. Ok... that's alright because I wanted a 'vintage' style apron.

Today, I am home again. A whole entire week off from school. I really need to be packing more stuff for the move. We only have 27 more days to find a place and be out, but its hard when we are snowed in and have no extra boxes. I probably should spend some time up on the top of the hill and dig out the snow that the snow plow so kindly piled up in front of our drive. Thank you to the State of Missouri! *laughing*

You gotta laugh, cause crying gets you nowhere...


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  1. Hi Debbie!
    Thanks for visting me!
    I like that apron!:)

    Have a great weekend-looking forward to "seeing" ya around blogland!!