Saturday, January 24, 2009

Its Never Gonna Fit...

Good Morning. I woke up bright and earlier this morning. It is a habit I seem to have gotten into while we had all the animals here on the farm. I have Wendell's coffee brewing and trying to be quiet till he decides to roll out of bed.

We did our monthly grocery shopping last night. I usually try to add to my stockpile each month but right now with the offer on the house, I decided I better slow down. I don't want alot of extra stuff to move. Hopefully with the veggies and necessities I bought last night, and a stocked up freezer, we will be all set till moving day.

I never realized how much stuff we have accumulated over the years. I am honestly considering have an indoor sale and giving away a lot of stuff on freecycle. Either way, I do not think there will be enough room in the storage unit. It definately, will not fit. Right now we mainly have his office, all our books, dvd's, extra dishes, towels, summer clothes, etc. packed into the storage unit. I don't see how the furniture will all fit. I am afraid we will end up having to rent another unit. At least it would only be for a month.

We, or I should say I have plans to take in a truckload of stuff to the storage unit today, and stop in at th realtor's office to sign some paperwork. Of course, today is the day the weather is making a 'turn' for the worse. We are suppose to hit a high of 34 degrees today. A big difference from the 55 degrees we had yesterday. They are predicting snow on Monday and Tuesday. Did I ever mention that February is a sucky month to move??? Hopefully on the way home we will be able to stop by the one grocery store in town and pick up some boxes to get packing this weekend. I pray that Wendell wakes up feeling half decent. I can't do it all myself.

Ok... I am done whining. I promise the next post will have food involved! BTW... Can you tell by the picture that I like sunrises and sunsets? Today's picture was taken on yesterday's trip into school. (Wendell drove me in, of course.) It was foggy and it looked so pretty.

Stay warm and let me know how your all doing?


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