Friday, January 23, 2009

Its Finally Happened...

I woke up this morning with mixed emotions. They showed our house yesterday, the first time since the bank had us put it up for sale in November. Wendell was home and thank goodness the realtor called before they came out. He had to make a mad scramble to pick things up. It was a major accomplishment for him as he has not felt good all week.

The realtor showed up with a lady and her son. Wendell said they walked through the house while he sat on the front porch. When they were done, the lady asked if he would show her the shed and chicken house. He took her down there and she asked him a lot of different questions. Over all she was excited about the place and loved it. (I can just imagine as I had that same feeling three years ago when we first saw it.)

Last night, about 7:30 pm, the realtor called to tell us that the lady made an offer and even has a 20% down payment. With the situation, she thinks the bank will approve the sale with no problem.

I am happy about it because a sale will look much better than just signing the house back over to the bank, but I am also very sad. This is the end of our homesteading dream here in the country on our dream property. I just want to cry as I sit here typing. I just cannot explain all the emotions and thoughts that are going through my head right now.

Wendell asked the realtor how long we would have to get moved and she told him till the 26th of February. That means we really have to bust our butts to get things moved out and to the storage unit we have rented. There is no way all of it is going to fit. Its discouraging too, to know that we have no place to go and will have to move all of this stuff again.

The 4Sight group is suppose to help us find a place but the stipulation is that we officially have to be homeless for any assistance. We will not be homeless until we actually sign over the house to the new owner. This worries me because the lady who is helping us is not the easiest to contact. Everytime I call her I get voicemail and usually will not hear back from her for a day or two. Very discouraging for sure.

Now I just pray that Wendell starts feeling a little better so we can get stuff moved. I really dread moving in February. I was hoping things would go slower till spring was here. They are predicting snow next week. Oh joy....

Say a little prayer for me that God gives me the strength I need to get through this.

Take Care,



  1. You are certainly in my prayers. Can you share where you are moving?

  2. We live in SE Missouri, so we will probably stay close to Wendell's doctor. We talked about moving elsewhere for a new start after I finish school in May but with the economy, etc. I just don't know. Thank you so much for the prayers. We do appreciate them.