Thursday, January 1, 2009

Easy Crab Dip

Here's an easy recipe for a quick party snack. All you need is three ingredients.
8 oz - Cream Cheese
6 oz can - Crab Meat
6 oz - Shrimp Cocktail Sauce

To start out, I like to leave the cream cheese out for a bit so it is easier to spread. In my finished picture, I used a clear pie dish but only because we are in the process of packing things off to storage. A nice platter or big dinner plate works great.

Spread the cream cheese evenly on your plate. Then pour, and spread on 6 ounces (or half the bottle) of the shrimp cocktail sauce. Once this is done, all you do is open, and drain the can of crab meat, then sprinkle evenly over the plate.

Serve with your favorite type of cracker.

**Sometimes, I like to use the imitation crab meat. It all depends on the price at the time.

I hope you enjoy!


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