Friday, January 16, 2009

A Cold and Frosty Morning

We thought yesterday was cold but I do believe today will be worse. I woke up to zero degrees outside on my front porch. At least that is what the thermometer read. That factored in with the wind chill.... its just plain cold!

The pond had a nice layer of ice forming on it yesterday so I imagine that it will be frozen solid today. I am really going to miss looking out my bedroom window and seeing the ducks that use to live here, gliding across the water. It was always so calming to just sit and watch them. Now, all I can do is hope for the occasional flock of geese or wild wood duck to drop in for a visit.

I am so thankful that today is Friday. Its been a busy week at school plus dealing with the cold, just makes me want to stay inside. We will be having a three day weekend because of Martin Luther King's birthday. I should be busy packing more stuff and taking it to the storage unit to prepare for the upcoming move but I really want to stay home and sew.

I also have a few meals to do this weekend so I can share with you all. One meal that is planned is 'Herb Roasted Chicken Breast' with garlic mashed potatoes. I have some wonderful broccoli that I need to use, so I may make a nice broccoli salad to go along with it. Does that sound good?

Well, I am off to school. We are working on a catering job today for 85 businessmen. Sounds like a busy day for sure.

Take care of yourselves today in this cold, and please remember to check on your outside animals. Have a 'Happy Friday'!


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